As you draft and build decks, Curve and Composition should be on the forefront of your mind, but the back should still be imagining ways each card can harmonize: Furious Rise performed really well in Theros: Beyond Death and I think a lot of players still see it as a GR card, but I actually think RW is a better fit for it in this set. New to MTG Arena? And join special limited-time events every month. Additional Events. There’s always a new challenge in the Arena. If you want to see me play some Ranked Draft on Arena with commentary in the meantime you can check out my twitch ( June 26–July 10: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Quick Draft July 10–July 24: Core Set 2021Quick Draft. In a real life draft each player opens a pack of 14-cards, picks one card from it, and then passes the pack to their left. I checked the draft windows and the only buttons i saw were resign and play. What is MTG: Arena Draft? Still, there is a deck to be had, and my last draft went 7-2 in WG. QUICK DRAFT SCHEDULE November 13 - November 27: Throne of Eldraine November 28 - December 11: Zendikar Rising December 11 - December 25: Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the MagicArena community. Draft Challenge | Kaladesh Remastered November 28th - December 1st 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT Draft Challenge. 177 comments. Player Draft Schedule. During the first match there was a server message that the server would go down in 1 hour. More Throne of Eldraine Limited Guides. I think the bots are not picking green, I felt pretty forced into green during my 4 stress test drafts yesterday. Unfortunately, I only know DOM, and really only want to play DOM, so I only got two days of Quick Play DOM drafts. Last night i drafted for the first time in Magic Arena. Play four major set releases throughout the year. 3.5k. This goes through my mind EVERY TIME I open a wildcard. Play Free What's New in Game. Those are good for newbies. And do you know when, and what will be next? June 25–September: Core Set 2021 Premier Draft June 25–September: Ikoria Traditional Draft. Quick Draft Schedule. Good Luck on the ladder and to anyone competing with me in the MCQW in a couple weeks! Couldn't have picked a worse moment. June 26–July 10:Core Set 2021 Sealed. 3.5k. In general, the quality of picks goes down over time as all of the better cards get drafted early on. see full image. save. Sealed Schedule. … Learn the basics and start unlocking powerful cards and decks right away. Fluff. Quick draft schedule? Throne of Eldraine Draft … Throne of Eldraine Draft Strategies and Tips – Learn How to Evaluate New Formats. Question I remember being able to see which quick drafts will be up in the near future on the magic arena event schedule calendar, but looking at it right now it doesn't show any quick draft events up until the end of the year. It is not an "Authentic Draft Experience" like they claimed Arena would be, but it does have the benefit of zero wait time and infinite pick time. Posted by 4 days ago. share. I didn't realize Quick Play drafts even existed until a few days ago (thanks fellow Redditor). How often does MTG Arena Quick Play drafts rotate? Everyone keeps doing this until all packs are exhausted.