1 Trainer – $90K 7. These categories of cards will almost always fetch a good price. If you are lucky to find this baby on eBay, you may be required to pay anything from $10k to $70K to secure it as your possession. Sometimes, actors land the golden opportunity of reaping a long-term pay off a key role played in a smash movie or TV series that... From movie stars to sports stars, musicians, record producers and filmmakers, celebrities are known to have diversified sources of income. This craze has also extended to the realm of Pokémon cards. From then till now, a genuine Pre-Release Raichu has never been seen but there have been some false alarms. Another reason why collectors are interested in it is the fact that it can shuffle around grass energy with ease, unlike other cards. Holographic Shadlowless First Edition Mewtwo – $1,500. He later revealed that he absolutely loved Pokémon as a child but could barely afford it. Articuno – Tropical Mega Battle – $9,999 12. 1 Trainer – $90K 7. The answer to this lies in the rarity of the cards as well as the fact that the game has grown into a beloved franchise over the past three decades. In addition to earning... Not long past, playing video games was a hobby that was guaranteed to fetch kids much scorn from their parents if they spend too... Patrick Dempsey is an actor who has charmed a wide audience with his looks and terrific acting skills. Lionel Messi’s Football Career Challenges, Net Worth, and Family Details, A Breakdown of Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander Net Worth and Income Sources, Take A Look At These 25 Luxury Hotels Owned By Your Favorite Celebrities, The 25 Richest Twitch Streamers and their Net Worth, Patrick Dempsey’s Net Worth: How He Spends It And Details About His Wife, Adam Lambert Net Worth: How Much Money the Former American Idol Finalist Has Now. Well, let me pique your interest. 1. Conversely, it may also be that these versions are not genuine hence the cheap price. As you can already tell by now, errors in the printing of Pokémon cards don’t diminish their value but rather make them even more of a specialty. A version of it sold for about hundreds of pounds in May 2019. 1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4 – $220K 4. The good side is that if your card gets a high value like 9, then you are guaranteed a scramble for it. These are the Pokémon cards that cost the most money. Why It's Worth So Much: Error cards are some the most valuable of all Pokémon cards, and some of the holographic base sets have a rare error. Originally awarded to the 36 participants who took part in a Pokémon World Championships held in Hawaii in 2010, the card was enclosed in cases with a gold foil stamp below the card text which reads the name of the competition. A BGS 10 Pristine Example Sold in August, … It remains a promo card to date and can be found in languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, etc. No. Is Queen Latifah A Lesbian, Who Is Her Partner And Why Is She called The Queen of Jazz-Rap, The 25 Worst Colleges in America and The States They Are Located In, A Breakdown of SNL’s Colin Jost Net Worth and Salary, Things You Didn’t Know About Madeline O’reilly – Bill O’Reilly’s Daughter, The Untold Truth of Toni Braxton, Her Challenges and Family, The Untold Story Of Whitney Houston’s Family, Death and Net Worth. One should also know when to buy and sell. It would retain this status for several years before being released as part of the Nintendo Black Stars Promo in 2004. The short answer is yes but you do need to be vigilant and consider several factors. Holographic Shadowless First Edition Venusaur – $6,500 14. So, if your card is rare or extra rare, then you are good to go. Couple that with the fact a holographic Charizard was every kid's dream, and you've got a pretty darn valuable piece of paper in your hands. The Pokémon itself itself is holographic, instead of the background, and it's worth even more if it has a first edition marking outside the bottom left of the image.