Card Kingdom 89.29 - 89.29 . Il reanimator si divide in due: mono black (raro) e splashato di blu. Se dovete splashare, secondo me diventano fondamentali le force of will. Mono-Black Reanimator just might be the Modern deck for you! Community League 10.06 @ Gatherling. Tuttavia, il fascino di un Mono Black Reanimator è indubbio, dunque è interessante provare a svilupparlo. More in this Series. Mono-Black Reanimator By Andrea Mengucci / December 14, 2018 October 10, 2019 This Reanimator deck eschews those pesky extra colors to enable a back … Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Playtest v1. Sure, adding White to a reanimator deck does give access to certain cards, but mono-Black can do this just fine on its own. CardHoarder 32.67 TIX. Don't forget, if you want to see this deck made into videos, you can vote by liking, commenting and subscribing to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel! Il monoblack è quello che ho postato io, con poche alternative, molto più aggressivo (chiude anche di primo). Qui hai perfettamente ragione, reanimator competitivo si gioca principalmente UB oppure BR, con talvolta splash verdi per carte da side. Edit. TCGPlayer 83.15 - 83.25 . With Blue, if I’m looking at anything outside of a Mill strategy, I find the order of magnitude at which a different color pairing improves the themes to be significant enough that I’d rather use my cards there. Tweet. Instant Deck Tech video modern. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. $533 $42 1st Players: Mono Black Reanimate — By Hori Yuta HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments. Ste2505. Mono-Black Reanimator Standard UBR (Grixis) UBRG. HARERUYA - Daily Tournaments. Upvote 0. Mono Black Reanimator — By Blogboy Community League 10.06 @ Gatherling. 12 04-Nov -2020 $533 $42 Singularity: 76%. #chainer, #chainer dementia master, #chainer nightmare adept, #mono black, #rakdos, #reanimator Read More » Conditions Allow – Lieutenant Kirtar November 21, 2019 by Ben Doolittle 76%. Edit Live Edit.