MODERN STANDARD ARAbic introduction Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), also known as Literary or Standard Arabic, is the official language of an estimated 320 million people in the 22 Arab countries represented in the Arab League. stream Features include: Expert treatment of a full range of grammar topics and structures, including the case system, Idhaafa, the equational sentence, quantifiers and the vocative, generously spread across thirty eight chapters Special attention to parts of speech, such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and propositions, given at the beginning of the book to acquaint students with the basic units of Arabic and provide a solid foundation for further learning A wide range of contemporary examples drawn from real life to provide solid context to grammar points, further supported by word glosses and idiomatic translations of sentences Grammatical terms given in both Arabic and English A wide variety of supplementary learning resources such as practice sheets, exercises and verb tables available for free download at Substantial bibliography incorporating primary Arabic grammar sources in addition to secondary sources in Arabic and in English Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar has been field tested over a number of years and has been written by a highly experienced teacher of Arabic. Q�w3T04�30PISp �*T057qA����4��36U�5��3�PH�U��4Tp�W� G <> Each chapter presents the grammar of conjunctions and interjections in clearly organized tables with examples of each use. This revision includes revised communicative activities and grammar, an updated and expanded audio program, a companion website, and full-color design. This new learner-centered software tool for learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) gives you control of the process. File Name: Modern Standard Arabic Grammar A Learners Guide.pdf Size: 5838 KB Type: PDF, ePub, eBook Category: Book Uploaded: 2020 Nov 19, 10:40 Rating: 4.6/5 from 902 votes. An additional section presents multiple drills for practice and functional use. ���Ô��A�'��}��T���S�ْ`/�o*t��R6�4�YD~�+T�FW�)S�1+�v�r�2�x�}�Q��X�+�d)f�3P�nbuj��]Z�͘n�R�^2�wv Modern Standard Arabic is used in reading, writing, and high register speech. READ as many books as you like (Personal use). No prior knowledge of linguistic terminology is required. The Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Course (EMSA), published in 1983, is the premier introduction, for the English-speaking student, to the active written language of the Arab world. endobj Create free account to access unlimited books, fast download and ads free! Thirty lessons provide a basic working knowledge of Arabic. Regularly updated online resources to enhance your learning process Included in the package: Vocab Clinic® CD-ROM Bonus booklet: Egyptian Arabic: Background Information for Learners. A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabicis a comprehensive handbook on the structure of Arabic. This up-to-date and approachable course is aimed at students. Access to extended online learning resources. endobj Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar provides an authoritative guide to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) grammar. Printing capabilities that allow you to create fully customized vocabulary practice sheets. Each lesson contains a text, a vocabulary, grammar and drills including oral and written comprehension passages. in news in the media, in official speeches and in religious matters. <>>>] Aimed as a textbook for students for all four years of university Arabic, and for independent learners. We cannot guarantee that Modern Standard Arabic Grammar book is in the library. endobj Drawing on over a decade of experience as a full-time teacher of Arabic, Azza Hassanein explains the rules in straight-forward English, illustrating usage with examples throughout. Gʖ����W��7(Z�}�������ZG[�-�����ڍ��C��b��=*�7Ҡ=?����;�w�$.�|R���,:c��#�sH+a;��;o )۷z�y�W}t7����ĉ��s�(�R�$H�]��[n�=�;8��K.�K�\��g}Ka��4�B����7��H�E��V�e�=��B �*�n���A6�Fqe��A㶏�>�kԗ��g5�2?MG�v� �\š�V=?��T��橩���C��q3�J���"�q. Skipping out on Arabic textbooks means skipping out on critical issues of grammar, and that the truly dedicated Arabic learner cannot afford. Thus, this textbook follows a new approach of incorporating Arabic … x��XK�����9{&��#>�((�F3�H3�a�#fS�D�U4E-'|��x�� |�@��O��MR�Z��PU�^f�|U�x�����\�_�)�� ��=�~�Y�����; Modern Standard Arabic Grammar. Ability to write, save, and print your own notes for each word. In a compact, easy-to-use format, this new book offers a convenient guide to grammar for any student of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the version of Arabic mostly commonly used in journalism, formal writing, and litera-ture. Explanations are clear, full and accessible and extensive cross-referencing, two generous indices and six appendices provide users with easy access to the information they require. The name abbreviated MWA, however, is intended to re­ present the written language (rather than a combination of written and oral), and is thus felt to be the least ambiguous for present purposes. �4�5�8�Â� ��]/��K�����N�Ka�47b�JznD����R Its features include: Comprehensive coverage of Arabic grammar and structure incurrent standard use (MSA), from entry level to advancedproficiency Balanced treatment of the phonological, syntactic, andmorphological rules of the Arabic language An intuitive presentation of grammar rules and structures, inorder of frequency and functional use Straightforward explanations with minimum linguistic jargon andterminology, explaining the key issues Packed throughout with symbols, tables, diagrams, andillustrative examples, this book is essential reading for anyone inthe early years of studying the language.