In this exercise, you will practice conjugating these common German modal verbs in the present tense. (wollen) 2. German Grammar Exercises Play the following quiz to find out how well you know German Modal Verbs. German modal verbs are used to express attitudes and feelings. Go through our lesson on modal verbs in German if you wish to revise their conjugations. Check out more quizzes on Yes German. Sonja und Stefan sich um zwei Uhr treffen. Sonja gut singen. Ihre Stimme ist so schön! To insert special letters: 1. German modal verbs are used to talk about likes, abilities or to ask for permissions. In German, these verbs are "können," "mögen," "dürfen," "müssen," "sollen," and "wollen." You will be given several sentences with blank spaces, and you will also be provided with their corresponding modal verbs. Modal verbs: free exercise to learn German.