(Minerva's Den DLC Only) GiveWeapon Weapons.PlayerLaserGun - Ion Laser ShockGame.LaserGun_LaserAmmo - Laser Cell ShockGame.LaserGun_HeatAmmo - Thermal Cell ShockGame.LaserGun_BurstAmmo - Burst Cell < > 5 Comments SuperMetal01 Jun 19 @ 2:47pm Plasmids.SummonBigSisterPlasmid - Summon Eleanor This is a bit buggy in Persephone, when elenor … Upgrade any weapon at a Power to the People Station. a new le Download This Guide. You can play on whichever difficulty you're comfortable with, there are no difficulty-related trophies. Install the third and final upgrade to any of your weapons. The character progression in Bioshock 2/ Minerva's Den is absolutely phenomenal. In Bioshock 2's case, the story had a clear beginning and ending. In the original Bioshock, and to a less extent bioshock infinite, despite gaining additional plasmids, weapon upgrades, and tonics I always felt vulnerable and the enemies seemed unfairly strong. There were times where I had to empty 10 point blank shot gun blasts to kill the run of the mill splicer. 20. Single-player DLC can be a tricky thing. 2K Marin's used BioShock 2 as a platform to deliver a final, moving, personal story set in Rapture. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Porter, a former programmer at Minerva's Den and join forces, if only via communication, to take down Reed Wahl, the antagonist. Rather than just splicing (ha!) All of these trophies are pretty straight-forward and though there are some missable trophies to look out for, it shouldn't take you too much hassle or time. Minerva's Den is, for all intents and purposes, a better experience than its parent game. Weapons and Power to the People stations Tonics - descriptions Tonics - maps Plasmids - description Plasmids - maps Hacking Enemy research Big Sisters and Daddies Little Sisters and gathering ADAM High difficulty setting Possible endings. You will be guided through the intricate maze of this DLC by C.M. In Minerva’s Den, you will be assuming the role of Sigma, a new Big Daddy, with an even newer weapon - the Ion Lance,which is essentially a big laser cannon. Welcome to the trophy guide for Minerva's Den. Fully Upgraded a Weapon . All Weapon Upgrades . Good luck! r/Bioshock: This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series developed by Irrational Games and 2K. 10.