It's a fluid and easy-to-control interface; pretty much everything is also drag-and-droppable. You're free, however, to edit the fonts and colors of these via a Customize button. Whether you’ve got your phone, tablet or laptop, your Sway will look good. There’s a great promotional video for Microsoft Sway. You can also embed Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF files. Sways aren’t meant to be text-heavy, they’re meant to be full of images and videos – like a lot of internet content today. Trouble is if I want to cite the place I got the quote from I can’t change the size or placement of the text so it ends up looking like this: After playing around with Sway you quickly realised that editability is not high on the list of priorities. Sway almost reminds me more of Tumblr than PowerPoint, though unlike Tumblr, you create self-contained multi-elements sites in Sway, whereas in Tumblr it's an ongoing feed of one-element posts. Once shared, Sways can be grouped together in Collections. When I first saw Microsoft's new Sway app for Windows 10, I wasn't sure whether it should be considered a website builder, a photo-album creator, or something else. Sway almost reminds me more of Tumblr than PowerPoint, though unlike Tumblr, you create self … Anyone in education who doesn’t have the design eye can create something that looks polished just by inputting bits of content and letting Sway do its magic. Despite not really knowing what to use it for, I love the way that Sway forces me to think outside the box in the way that I present information. There are also Sway apps for iPad and iPhone. One caveat was that one time when I opened and edited a Sway on an iPhone and then in the Windows 10 app, I got an error message with a long correlation error code. And, if it had basic editablity (nudge, nudge Microsoft), this would definitely be our recommended go-to program for any kind of education project. As a third grade teacher, even my students can use Sway to present their ideas and research projects. PCMag Digital Group. The trouble is, what should you use it for? Most of them are clean and professional, though there are still a few that look a bit juvenile (anything on the bottom row under Styles). Obviously there are no animations and you can’t create elements of your own, so the pictures and text will have to do the heavy lifting. It’s part of the Microsoft Garage Experimental Project, so you can imagine it’s not perfect yet, but it promises big. Advanced PowerPoint and presentation skills training. The best way I can describe it is a cross between a notice board and a scrapbook. When you choose a focus point, Sway shows you how the image will appear on a PC screen and a mobile screen. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Many have pigeonholed Sway as a lightweight, consumer version of PowerPoint, and there's some validity to that. The visual impact and flow are compelling! You can’t resize pictures so you have to guess where Sway will put them so that it doesn’t look awful; you can’t align them with each other either. Under the Storyline tab you can add various content blocks including text, images, audio, video, and links. The easiest place to start is by adding some photos – not only can you upload your own pictures, but you can pull them from a wide selection of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And nothing is so frustrating as losing work or precious time to PowerPoint crashes! Don't like it? According to the website, it is a PowerPoint add-in that allows you to add live subtitles to your presentation, and it will translate the text in your PowerPoint document. Why not just use PowerPoint? A benefit to using Microsoft Sway is that we are able to present in an engaging way. Though it is worth noting that I struggled to embed Tweets. It’s odd using a new piece of software like this. This Sway would work really well as an updateable, do-it-as-you-go-along tool. So, after doing some of my own extensive research, here are the most common reasons why PowerPoint crashes and what you can do about it. It’s unusual and should whet their appetite for a bit more information. It suggests art with Creative Commons licenses, advising you that "you are responsible for respecting others' rights." If you use PowerPoint a lot, chances are you’ll have seen your fair share of glitches and malfunctions. This tells Sway which is the most important section of the image and (sometimes) ensures this section is visible. If you want to just try something different, hit Remix! Keep an eye on your inbox! 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