Both the tools are used for monitor the progress of project. The tool offers the user guide that helps the user to read and understand the features offered by the tool. Microsoft Planner suits best for task and project management for companies of all sizes. Microsoft’s Enterprise plans may seem expensive at a glance from the chart above, you can start using Microsoft Planner at $10 through the Microsoft 365 F3 plan. Read more about us here. The Trello tool does not support agile methodologies in their tool. The Trello toll also offers standard version that has the starting price of $12.5 for each user for one month. Trello’s maximum file attachment size is larger than Microsoft Planner’s. The Microsoft F3 plan is the most affordable option and costs $10USD per user at the time of writing. It’s packed with collaboration and task management features that let you design a more streamlined process for you and your team. While Trello may not be as robust as Microsoft Planner, it’s by no means significantly inferior. Below are the top 7 differences between Trello and Planner: Start Your Free Software Development Course, Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others. Interestingly enough, you can even integrate Trello and its cards within Microsoft Planner through Microsoft Teams. The standard version rate for the Microsoft planner is around $35 per user for one month. For getting more advanced feature user needs to go for standard version. The other difference between both the tools is work management feature. It depends on the plan you choose, but Microsoft Planner is available on the Microsoft E1, E3, E5, and F3 plans. THE CERTIFICATION NAMES ARE THE TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Learn more. Trello vs. Planner - whats missing in Planner and what would make it better than Trello Hi Everyone, So as a user of Trello (but an enterprise user of 365) I am constantly fighting the battle to migrate over to Planner from Trello (I want to migrate). The user considered Trello as more better tool compared to Microsoft Planner tool. THE GOOD AND THE BAD: MICROSOFT PLANNER. The Planner tool is mostly used by the large scale organization. And selection of the tool for the project is completely dependent on user requirements. Let us discuss some of the major key differences between Trello and Planner: The one of the major differences between Trello and Microsoft Planner is preference by the user. Although, both tools are used for project management activities and project tracking activities but the user prefer Trello as better option. Trello has a forever free plan which offers its standard features. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Both Microsoft Planner and Trello use Kanban boards for organizing tasks, but Planner offers more flexibility in terms of viewing options. As an app that comes with other Microsoft 365 tools, Microsoft Planner works seamlessly with other Office 365 tools. The planner tool is developed by the Aphex. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Planner is a Microsoft product that is categorized as teamwork planning tool. Here we discuss the Trello vs Planner key differences with infographics and comparison table. This comes inbuilt on Microsoft Planner, but this functionality comes as a Power-Up on Trello. Let us discuss some of the major key differences between Trello and Planner: Let’s discuss the top comparison between Trello vs Planner: The Trello and Planner tool are both used for the planning and managing the project activities and task. But the tool is not compatible with android and IOS operating system. There’s absolutely no need to get another project management tool if you and your team already have a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Planner. No, Trello was acquired by Australian company Atlassian Corporation back in 2017. The planner tool bundles up with Microsoft 365 and is used for personal planning and group planning activities. Choosing Microsoft Planner is a no-brainer if you already have a subscription to the Microsoft 365’s Enterprise plans. The pricing of Microsoft Planner is more compared to Trello tool. Trello scores 86 in functionality, while Microsoft Planner lags significantly behind at 62. The Planner tool uses the traditional methodologies for providing the project management feature but the tool does not use the template management. As this feature is in-built feature in tool the every member of team can read the task and respond accordingly using the Outlook group or other mode. As an Amazon Associate and affiliate Compare Before Buying earns from qualifying purchases. Only Trello offers a forever free plan which, although limited, still offers core features for task management and productivity. However, Microsoft did partner with Trello and other companies to design Microsoft Teams. THE GOOD AND THE BAD: ASANA. However, Microsoft Planner offers more robust tools and its interface is better than Trello’s overall. Microsoft Planner vs Trello (2020): Which Is the Better Task Management Tool? This is a guide to Trello vs Planner. In this paid version the features are advanced as used for better project management activities. The Planner tool provides excellence customer support and help the users to use the tool efficiently. Small and enterprise businesses alike consider the cost per user of project management and productivity tools because even though they may not seem like much, but it can quickly add up as your team grows bigger. Asana suits best for team collaboration for small and middle-sized companies. Writer and researcher passionate about people, product comparisons, culture, and current events. Unlike Microsoft Planner, Trello doesn’t have a calendar embedded in the dashboard, which is disappointing as it is an important feature that allows the managers to track the work of their employees according to the dates that they set on the calendar. Trello can easily be connected with analytics, CRM, and marketing tools if what you’re using is available on its Power-Ups repository. Microsoft Planner’s Kanban board has a more seamless experience as it lets you see the specific team member/s assigned to each card right away, a functionality missing on Trello. Airtable is a smart “part spreadsheet, part database” solution that companies can use to … The Trello tool is developed by the Atlassian tool. The Planner tool also does not support agile methodologies but can offer in future release of tool. On other hand, in Trello tool the whole team can create the board and then task can be easily added in the board as per the user requirement. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –, All in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects). iPad 6th vs 7th Generation (2020): Comparing Entry-Level Tablets, iPad Pro vs Cintiq (2020): How The Cheaper Cintiq 16 Beat Out The iPad Pro. The Trello is an online available tool that is used for managing the personal and group tasks. Their comments section lets you tag a particular member as well. Google One offers different storage plans, including a storage size of up to 3TB a month. The tool is provided as open-source tool and also a flexible tool that provides numerous features to the user. However, when the service is compared with Planner tool the service is little weaker compared to Planner tool. The Trello tool also offers the privacy feature that helps to enable the task privacy whether it needs to be public or private. THE GOOD AND THE BAD: TRELLO. Billed as a lightweight, collaborative and highly visual task management tool, Planner is positioned as a rival to the popular Trello (just as Microsoft’s Teams is seen as its answer to Slack). Microsoft Planner comes with up to 1TB of storage through Microsoft OneDrive. Managing Editor and Team Leader at Compare Before Buying.