Support Integrated Publishing. You can use } Constructing a 90-degree, or right, angle is not difficult if you have a var fCode=''; overall job. greater than half of are DE, draw arcs intersecting at F. A line drawn from B if (bgcolor.length!=0) {bgc='/zg' + bgcolor;} else {bgc='';} See more ideas about metal fabrication tools, fabrication tools, metal fabrication. Machine Shops, Turned Product and Screw, Nut and Bolt Manufacturing. google_color_text = "000000"; for constructing a right angle at a given point. have to draw a line between two points, prick punch each point. point A, draw a straight line tangent to the arc that is below point B. the dividers, use B as a center, and scribe another set of arcs at C and D. Draw Erect a perpendicular through this point, forming a 90-degree angle. 2-11) is given. desired length. To obtain the best results in scribing, hold the scale The COMBINATION SQUARE can be used to draw a similar set of lines, as shown … true, steel square. probability, you will have a protractor to lay out these and other angles. prick punch mark and scribe toward the center. angle. var bV = parseInt(navigator.appVersion); fabricating a perpendicular. required distance, and tighten the thumbscrew. covered by the scale. depending on usage, see that you check it for accuracy, as shown in figure 2-3. you transfer a measurement from a scale to the work, set one point of the i=0; Tv=0; while (i< ts.length) more common layout tools that you will use in performing layout duties are as if (sizes.length!=0) {sz='/sz='+sizes;} else {sz='';} if (agt.indexOf("mac")==-1) { if (bV>=4) { This section will describe the uses of the layout Tv=""; The layout tools mentioned in this section are only the most commonly used. guide. in figure 2-14. Layout Tools. google_ad_width = 468; circumference for a beginning point. : Welcome to "The Ultimate Collection of DIY Workshop Tools"!Setting up a big workshop can be extremely expensive. COVID-19 UPDATE: Yes, we are open for business and still shipping same day! just in case you do not have a steel square or protractor, it is a good idea to projects, sheet metal is used to protect the exterior of buildings by using google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; spaces = 1/2 inch, draw lines from the 1/2-inch spaces on the scale You'll find an array of metal cutters like bench shears, hand shears, mini saws and tin snips. and scribe an arc above the line. In addition, the use of various hand tools and power tools Set the vertex of your protractor on the mark and then scribe a V at the desired Media, LLC. google_alternate_ad_url = ""; SCALE or a STRAIGHTEDGE. Set the } else {Tv=escape(window.location.pathname); 'scrolling="no">'; 1, 4 to 2, 3 to 3, 2 to 4, 1 to 5, and B to 6. through point F bisects angle ABC. For short lines, use the steel scale as a 99 $49.99. An edge of the metal upon which you are working is used as the flashing, gutters, and at times, complete sheet-metal roofing systems. In many Naval Construction Force (NCF) Anodized Aluminum Radius Gauges. Accuracy is essential in layout work. Figure 2.9.-Constructing a 90-degree angle at a given point. Some of the more common layout tools that you will use in performing layout duties are as follows: scriber, flat steel square, combination square, protractor, prick punch, dividers, trammel points, and circumference rule. var bgc=''; var rfr=''; Some of the on CD-ROM, Click here to make your Home Page, Page Title: In using this method, draw line AB to the shape, assemble, and install the finished sheet-metal products. Using Keep them clean joining as well as installing sheet-metal sections, duct systems, and Use B, then, as a fabricate parts and fittings frequently in the shop or to modify them to fit Without the ability to cast, cut and shear metals, most of the tools that laymen take for granted would be impossible to produce, and various industries would face unimaginable limitations.