Martin is making some great guitars right now. Post Sep 23, 2016 #1 2016-09-23T12:10. Hey everyone, I'm thinking about selling my Taylor 316 ce and getting a Martin 2012 D18, the only issue is that I can't find one locally to play. The D28 Lounge > New D-18 vs HD-28. I have played a few D28's and was wondering if there is a major difference between the D28 and D18. 314 56. What should I pick? The D18 is smoother and move even sounding. Thanks in advance. Location: Bay Area, CA. I love my D28, and it doesn't sound anything like the way you described the D28 you played at your LGS. They're both awesome. I have a chance to purchase a 2014 year model D18 brand new, or a 2019 "reimagined" D18, also brand new. Here is my findings in a nutshell. Registered Member. The D28 Lounge > 2014 D18 vs. Reimagined. Martin selects higher grade spruce for the 28 series. 12 posts 2014 D18 vs. Reimagined 2014 D18 vs. Reimagined. The Martin D15 seems to similar specs but comes in lower priced than the D18... Michael bray on January 04, 2017: Very helpful. There are lots and lots of differences between a D18 and a D28, and I think one of the most important differences is the quality of the top. [/font] [font=VERDANA, … Registered Member. Share. I never understood the intensity of the feelings around the D-28 vs D-35. Perhaps slightly better for guitar/vocalists. D-18 and D-28 are probably Martin's most "classic...true flagship" dreadnoughts, and the D-35 represents a slightly lighter bracing design with a more efficient use of wood. So comparing them is pretty interesting. Thank you! Acoustic Dano. 6. I own a few different D-18 models and I like them all, including the 2011's and earlier. Post Feb 06, 2011 #1 2011-02-06T21:54 [font=VERDANA, GENEVA, LUCIDA, 'LUCIDA GRANDE', ARIAL, HELVETICA, SANS-SERIF]Ok....Can anyone really (be honest now) hear/feel the difference between a standard (hog) D18 and a standard (rosewood) D28? The 2014 model is about $500 less. Martin 2012 D18 vs D28. jethro . they both sound the same to me, the only differance that i see is the top bracing and the mortise tenon vs dovetail joint arguement. hi im considering buying a martin. I am shopping for a Martin and thought this article was excellent in explaining the differences in the D-18 vs D-28. im torn between a D 28 and a D16R. The D28 is similar not including the bracing, just with Rosewood. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. D18 vs D28 D18 vs D28 . I agree with Todd that the newer models with forward shifted bracing sound particularly awesome. Registered Member. Share with: Link: Copy link. jethro. #2 08-27-2012, 11:42 AM SuperB23. 18 posts New D-18 vs HD-28 New D-18 vs HD-28. 314 56. 211 1. Acoustic Dano. Both with solid sitka spruce tops. But the majority of the posts that I read give very little love to the older pre-2012 variant. Hank Tone. Post 12:58 AM - May 19 #1 2020-05-19T00:58. Charter Member : Join Date: Dec 2008. im not an expert so your info and expertise on this matter is greatly appreaceated, does the fact that the D 16R having a MT joint affect how the tone changes as it gets older. 211 1. 6. Hank Tone.