Tolerant to drought. Availability: Out of Stock. Annual. Habitat Flower Garden Planting Instructions, Tips for Harvesting and Storing Root Vegetables, Harvest-Time Tips for Globe Onions and Garlic, Tips for Harvesting and Storing Pumpkins and Winter Squash, Sweet Potatoes: The Vegetable Garden's Superfood, 23 Tulip Drive P.O. ~1000 seeds/g. Gem Hybrid Marigold The most widely grown selections belong to the Gem Hybrids, including 'Lemon Gem,' 'Orange Gem,' 'Red Gem,' and 'Tangerine Gem.' These old-fashioned flowers are oh-so-easy to grow and add reliable color to gardens of every size and style. things don't work correctly. Direct-sow the seed after the last spring frost date, or start indoors 4 to 6 weeks before. “We do not consider a flower garden complete without the good old-fashioned French and African marigolds.” –Breck’s, 1885. About Signet Marigold. Bite-size for use as edible garnish. tall, single orange flowers Marigold 'Red Gem' - 6-12 in. New catalog listings coming in early December. Summer to fall flowering. In 1939 Burpee’s Red and Gold hybrid was the first hybrid flower from seed offered commercially in the United States. Orders take 2–5 business days to process. Many a gardener discovered their obsession at an early age with a packet of humble marigold seeds. Product ID: 1411. Its filigree foliage and dainty blooms enliven the garden with their warm orange color and lend a spicy flavor to salads. The most popular Signet Marigold varieties are: Marigold 'Lemon Gem' - 6-12 in. If you are not a fan of marigolds in general, I can guarantee you will fall in love with this elegant variety. In particular, online ordering will not Hybrid types include the Gem series: ‘Tangerine Gem’ Also known as Gem Marigolds, once known as Mexican Marigolds, date back to 1798. All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted. Long-blooming for beds, borders and containers where it attracts beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, hoverflies, butterflies, predatory bugs, and parasitic wasps. work. 100% Guaranteed! Marigold - Signet 'Tangerine Gem'. With the right signet marigold care, you can have blooms in the garden until autumn when growing signet marigolds. doesn't support it or it is turned off, so you might find that some Tangerine Gem Marigold - Signet Tagetes tenuifolia (68 days) Compact plant with deep orange tiny fragrant flowers. The simple, daisylike flowers … Compact mounded plants have finely cut ferny foliage. Hundreds of petite flowers cover neat, low mounds of lacy foliage with a citrusy scent. Average seed life: 1 to 2 years. Annual. volume discount as the first order, provided they are to be sent to the A good cutting flower, Marigolds are also lovely in containers and window boxes. They make colorful tasty additions to salads. 10–12" mounded bush bears early, lasts all summer into fall. Read our guarantee. When growing signet marigolds, you may choose from yellow, orange, golden or bi-colored flowers. Repeat orders over $50 qualify for the same They make colorful tasty additions to salads. Tangerine Gem. Native to the Americas and said to have been sacred to the Aztecs; still play a vital role in celebrations of Día de los Muertos. Rediscover their care-free, aromatic charm, with the added bonus that their flowers are edible! Our web site works best with JavaScript. Bushy, short, rock-garden marigolds, these are, indeed "little gems" for your garden with profuse blooms on dense mounds of lacy, scented foliage. Ordering will resume for Fedco Seeds when we release our 2021 catalog, in early December 2020. Marigold Seed. Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom. Plant Signet Marigold With: You can depend on this cottage-garden favorite to fill your garden with color all season long. Tagetes. Light orange, darker center. Culture: Fast and easy to grow from seed. Sow after soil has warmed, or inside in a warm (75–80°) spot, 3 weeks before setting out after danger of frost. same address. Tangerine Gem Signet Marigold. Annual. Tagetes tenuifolia. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Tagetes tenuifolia edible marigolds are native to North America. Tagetes tenuifolia 'Tangerine Gem' bears single orange-yellow blooms all summer long on 1-foot-tall plants. Breeders and Keepers of Seed; Benefit Sharing and Royalties. Easy to grow in full sunlight, Marigolds can be direct-sown into the garden in well-draining, loamy soil after the last frost date. tall, single crimson flowers Marigold 'Starfire' - 12 in. Their warm colors cheer all summer long and positively blaze in the light of early autumn. They don’t need deadheading, but benefit from a light shearing in hot weather and from watering in dry spells. Last but certainly not least, the lacy, finely cut leaves of signet marigold offer a pleasant, citrusy scent. It looks like your browser ③ 5246 Tangerine Gem View full-size image. Annual. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. tall, single yellow flowers Marigold 'Tangerine Gem' - 6-12 in. Likes heat and full sun. We're sorry for any inconvenience. Marigold - Signet 'Tangerine Gem'Tagetes tenuifolia. tall, Brilliant colors ranging from light yellow to red brown and from single-colored to delicately marked. Petite, single, lemon and tangerine blossoms not only have delicious names, they are edible! Bloom prolifically with edible ¾" single flowers with yellow centers and a citrusy fragrance. ~280 seeds/g unless otherwise noted. Good for bedding, for cuts, in planters or borders. 10–12" mounded bush bears early, lasts all summer into fall. Compact plant with deep orange tiny fragrant flowers. Infuse in oil and vinegar for a salad dressing, or chop and use as you would tarragon. 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