would never happen! A Link Between Worlds builds on and changes some of the concepts from A Link to the Past, just a like remake should. I’d just like a new Zelda with TP graphics…. I asked the man (robot?) Just hire another company to do the remakes like they did with Ocarina of TIme 3D then everyone is happy and we get more games. But if they added more dungeons how would we beat it in just 3 days?! ‘Sigh’. i would much rather see a complete remake of the game, with gameplay modified and all the sidequests, minigames and even the clock town expanded on to bring the game to modern quality. You know what, it’s for games like this that Nintendo will be never doomed. Maybe now that they have admitted how they failed with the Wii U they are willing to try things. I’d rather play Zelda games on my 3DS wherever I go, so I don’t mind HD versions of all Link’s adventures. Ah, but you can travel back to the first day at will. It’s just a better move to put it on the 3DS and maybe make some kind of port of it and put that on the Wii U kinda like Monster Hunter 3. I asked him why, and he said it fell under ‘gibberish’. That’s right, a code of conduct violation. So no, this is not their problem because these side games aren’t taking away from their Zelda U resources. Super Mario 3 is TBD? A Link Between Worlds is that game. I would prefer it to the 3DS, anyway the only people who would buy it (in my point of view) are Nintendo fans, who have the 3DS and the WiiU. There were poll questions, comments for every photo, and the photos were hand picked instead of random. But you lose all progress so you must finish a dungeoun before travelling back in time. Can you imagine if Apple came out with a new iPhone and Instagram or Angry Birds were TBD? Maybe by then Nintendo will have a better eShop strategy =), Much rather have Twilight Princess but with voice acting of everyone else but Link like Metroid Prime. The PREQUEL to Majora’s Mask- Ocarina of Time was remade on the 3DS. Why not some NEW games Nintendo? I like exploration Zelda! Never said others don’t do it. 2) It would seem a perfect moment to have a spiritual (or a simple sequel) successor to Majora’s Mask as an all new WiiU Zelda game in the same way that A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to A Link to the Past. So, I have a code of conduct violation attached to my account. When I say “remake,” I refer to things like Conker’s Bad Fur Day vs. Conker’s Bad Fur Day Reloaded. This is your problem right now, this will only appeal to the most hard core of Nintendo fans leaving everyone else out. Don’t expect that one until the 9th generation of consoles. It’s probably the only Zelda I disliked more than WW at the time. They’re the same game with some slight tweaks. (haha great initials). Yea it makes sense. You have a very good point. I really hope they won’t do a remake – Wii U might end up with more remakes than original games…. I hope it won’t be a remake, but a sequel instead. Happy Anniversary everyone it’s been 15 years since SSB first released! We know Nintendo is fond of giving the HD treatment to older Zelda titles, as both Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker HD … I’d love this for wii u but if there gunna bring that purple wii u out with it i know its a fan made pic but if they do hopefully it had double memory and by then you can actually just sign in to your previous account from you last wii u because as amazing as the console looks and as much as i’d want it it would be gay to start over all my games again and i have got a few e-shop games. I see things like Link Between Worlds more as new concepts. I don’t want to see one game on the 3DS and then the follow-up on Wii U. I’d rather see some remakes of the GameCube titles as I never owned that console. Majora’s mask is a great game, It’s a bit harder than other 3D Zelda games In my opinion though. At this point, it’s time for a new Zelda & not another remake. And secondly, an HD remake of MM would be a megaton harder than the one they did for WW, and I already don’t like how they wasted their time remaking that one. Now why would they ask us to do that?”. WWHD asside, it would take up far too much of Nintendo’s already stretched-thin resources in order to pull off a proper MMHD remake, resources better spent on the brand NEW Zelda than on a remake. Oh yes! I hope to see a comeback from nintendo soon. On the 3DS. What are some jobs in the computer area or video games? , Oh my bad, I thought you only had 3 in game days to beat it haha. A simple hd remake of the exact same game is boring. Why is everyone creaming their pants over this? Of course this would require nintendo to actually bother putting significant effort into making something that doesnt disapoint. The buzz isn’t that strong, but again l want this to happen. Several more minutes went by. Both on one disc WOULD be amazing. Lets hope for the best. They’ve said basically the same thing so a remake wont happen until after Zelda wii U unless maybe it’s a 3ds game. This author clearly has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. Therefore no problem with more dungeons, allthough they cannot be too big. Urgh, Nintendo hasn’t been teasing the MM remake for Wii U. It’s ALWAYS been teased for the 3DS. A new Zelda game inspired by MM could be great, allthough it should be much bigger. PHANTOM HOURGLASS should be remade on the Wii U since it is the direct sequel to Wind Waker which was remade on Wii U. Now more than ever, Nintendo continues to hint that a Majora’s Mask HD remake is on the way. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah please!!!! They are making a new Zelda according to Nintendo’s updates. At the very least, putting OOT and MM on the Wii U VC would be a nice gesture for Miiverse integration, screenshot posting to social media, etc. Get a job in computer programming. It was clear that he wasn’t going to admit that their system had made a mistake, and so he was going to make up whatever he could think of to warrant the decision. Lets see a NEW Zelda game! Two days later they informed me that I was incorrect. So I think we’re fine for Zelda til 2015, and as I always say if you want to play the old one again then go play the old one. I asked him about all the aimless doodles on Tvii, which make up about 80% of all the content on there, and asked him if I should do my duty then and report every last one of them as a violation. TP and SS made me grow much more fond of MM and WW. No, but i’ve heard people complain how 3 days was too short lol. -I do not expect more remakes of Zelda for 3DS. Mm way better than oct if they can bundle that with wind waker on wii, and then remake oct for 3ds, then remake wwhd, they best be making a hd version of mm as its by far the best of all 3. https://gamejolt.com/games/the_legend_of_zelda_majora_mask_remake/466397 Really? You know during a Nintendo Direct they say Majoa’s Mask 3D we added 1 or 2 features and oh yea you can download it RIGHT NOW. Anyway, a remake of this game for Wii U would be awesome, even though Im pretty sure it would need more than six months.