Luncheon of the Boating Party Luncheon of the Boating Party is a European artwork painted in 1880-1881 by French Impressionist, Pierre Auguste Renoir. ‘Luncheon of The Boating Party’, ‘The Bathers’, ‘The Large Bathers’, ‘Girl With A Hoop’, ‘The Grands Boulevards’, ‘Algerian Girl’, ‘The Skiff’ etc. are his famous and ageless works of art. Award-Winning Work With Personal Meaning. Pierre-Auguste Renoir ( 1841-1919)decides to do a painting using his friends. This famous work by Renoir is otherwise called Le Déjeuner des Canotiers. Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. How many friends he uses is a very interesting number. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In traditional Impressionist style, Renoir depicted a scene from modern life and based it in a place he knew well - the Restaurant Fournaise. Incorporated into the Seventh Exhibition of the Impressionists in 1882, Luncheon of the Boating Party was recognised as the highlight of the show by several commentators. 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' takes place on a café terrace along the Seine just outside of Paris. In Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party," he captures what appears to be 14 good friends (and one fluffy dog) chatting amiably while enjoying a … Pierre-Auguste Renoir died on 3 December 1919 in southeast France. Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881; French: Le déjeuner des canotiers) is a painting by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.Included in the Seventh Impressionist Exhibition in 1882, it was identified as the best painting in the show by three critics.