Example: Quilt Top measures 60" x 80" = 4800 square inches. How much does quilting cost per square inch? $0.03/sq inch and $20 for each additional border design and $5 for each additional block design. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between 3 cents to 15 cents per square inch for quilting. Price will be based on complexity of designs, number of designs used, number of thread changes and number of borders. Long arm quilting machines are also fairly expensive. Quilters around the world have been waiting for a specialized machine like the TL-2200QVP. Custom Quilting Includes adding border design and up to 9 different block designs. Long arm quilting machines range from a neck length of 18-inches to up to 30-inches for some industrial quilters. Average cost $35 to $208. i.e., (Width x Length) x pattern price. Cost. $0.015/sq inch. As an example, say you wanted a quilt that was 50 inches wide and 70 inches in length and the quilter charged $0.05 per square inch. Even more impressive is the 10 inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide an 8 inch height or less. Long Arm Quilting Machines View our list of the Best Selling Long Arm Quilting Machines Of 2019 to help you get started on your search for the perfect long arm quilting machine!. Average cost $35 to $156. - CUSTOM QUILTING Starts at 5.0 cents per square inch. Singer and Brother sewing machines raise eyebrows when their price tags reach toward $1,000. Custom Applique Quilts generally run 5-6 cents/sq in depending on the amount of detail desired in the quilting. Quilting estimate will be quoted upon receipt of the quilt top. Average cost $51 to $311. This means the A1 is strong and sturdy, but extremely lightweight and … Heirloom Quilting Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. The average long arm quilting machine, in comparison, costs $4,000. Cost for a 2 Cent Pattern is (4800 x .02) = $96.00 This is not a tool for the faint of heart. This isn't just a sewing machine-it's a revolution in quilting machine technology. Check the Patterns page for the cost of individual patterns. Quilting service is charged by the square inch measurement of the quilt top. Classes offered in Machine Operation, Quilt Piecing, Longarm Quilting, Machine Embroidery, Computers & Software, and more! Advanced Edge to edge (2 to 6 inch pattern) $0.02/sq inch. Overview of Features: Our A1 Long Arm is the only cast-aluminum (not welded) quilting machine made in the USA. Long Arm Machines by A-1 , Bernina , & Q'nique We offer our services for delivery and setups for your machines and