Genoa salami, sliced, 4 oz, $2.89 when you use the digital coupon on their app ... bakery items and a wide array of household products at the lowest possible prices. each £ 3.99 400g | 100g = £1 Availability from 12.11 Choose from Wild Boar or Vension. $1.99* ... Prices shown may not match price in store as prices and labels may vary by location. Check the price of salami at your favorite retailers If you want to save money, just click on any of the offer and see the current price at your favorite retailer Lidl , ASDA, Sainsbury's . Lidl strives to keep all items in … Börklunder® German pork salami snack, hot chili $ 1.13 per oz. Premium Salami Piece Deluxe. Other … To make your search for … Under its newly launched own brand, “Next Level Meat”, Lidl is expanding its range of meat alternatives: from 2nd September, the food retailer will be permanently adding Next Level Mince to its vegan range, … Lidl first established its … Big on Quality, Lidl on Price User Navigation. add to list.