Transparent label with the name of the beer and the silhoutte of a cactus. 33 cl transparent bottle from Lidl, Lygten, Kbh. NV. Hooray for Aldi. From Thursday 11th of June, Lidl will have 6 Exclusive Belgian Beers on offer. Sadly it makes it difficult to compare the two brands beer for beer right up to the present day. Copenhagen 21/11 2020. Very moderate lacing. The New York International Beer Competition just named Lidl the 2018 Beer Supermarket of the Year. Settles as thin, flimsy layer of foam struggling to cover the surface of the beer. Ale Degustation presents: LIDL Argus Full Light Premium Beer Brewed for German Lidl. Most commercial lager is churned out quickly, often bulked out with cheap adjuncts … Even Belgian would only drink 1 or maybe 2 on an evening. Go directly to. Also available in Hungary, Croatia, Greece and Slovenia. I just picked up a 48 can case (12oz) for $10.99 at LIDL's. Pours clear, pale yellow with a small but stable white head. Lidl’s turnover of beers has tailed off while Aldi’s has positively gone through the roof – first with a selection of 5 or 6 German beers for Oktoberfest, and then a whole new range of 10 or 11 British beers… for what seems like no reason at all! Around 75% of the beer sold in Britain is mainstream lager. Please be warned, most of the beers have a 10.5% ABV, these are some of the strongest Belgian Beers around! We love light beer too. It's an excellent beer to not get too fussy about and drink on its own or pair with light-bodied cured or raw cuisine. The beer has a slight acidic taste, but is well carbonated, and a light lager style. It'd actually be great after a hike or bike ride." As a German-based chain it's safe to say it knows a thing or two about beer. This has more flavor than Coors Light, Bud Light, or Miller Light, but does have the acidic after test not found with blander, more popular light lagers. Light beers are the three most widely enjoyed beers in all of America. Very authentic Mexican beer. 6 different living beers with second fermentation in the bottle all brewed by Brewery Van Steenberge. Browse our great selection of Beers, Craft Beers and Ciders always in-store at Lidl. Even if sometimes we don’t want to admit it in front of our craft-beer-loving friends.