No Thunder bolt. If I were to bring this into work, they would know it's a gaming laptop because of its gaming looks. I think someone got jealous and kicked or punched the side of the box or the box fell and hit the corner of another box. Prebuilt with 1 TB NVME SSD + 1 TB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive. Since the HDD got damaged, it was completely dead at the start. Without under volting, the CPU can hit 95C and GPU can hit 80C on Performance mode. This Legion 5i 17.3" screen laptop could have had a subwoofer too, but it doesn't. It could have been something else with batteries in it because the battery warning sticker. This could lead to few issues: There's the doubt about the longevity of the laptop's internals if I always use it in performance mode. I found it was much easier to call the Legion Premium service phone to request a return for a full refund. I have read that it is a steel body as well not 100% sure on it. If you customize it, you get the option for the RGB keyboard with macros and 500 nits screen. To me this is a major pitfall in design because Lenovo Legion has set the bar really high for their design. RTX 2060 GPU provides more than 60fps in demanding games 144Hz display for competitive multiplayer titles Well-made, compact build and good battery life Comfy revamped keyboard with full numpad 1TB of SSD storage and plenty of ports, including Ethernet and USB-C Prebuilt versus Customized? Lenovo said it's aware of the problem, and they're going to fix it in the next BIOS update. Display port is connected to the RTX 2060, see Is the legion 5i's DisplayPort over type-C connected to the dedicated GPU? This was before I learned about under volting. James Law. It requires tweezers to push the tiny connector out. Review: MSI GE75 Raider 10SE-008 - 17" 1080p 144 Hz, Intel Core i7-10750H, RTX 2060, 16 GB Ram, 512 GB NVME, and 1 TB 2.5" HDD from Costco. Black Friday is often a great time for picking up gaming laptops on the cheap, and this year is no exception, with Ebuyer offering up some fantastic deals on two RTX 2060 models of one of our favourite Lenovo gaming laptops. Since the ports are on the back, I can plug in my USB Sound Blaster Play 2 sound card in the back and not have it interfere the sides of my laptop. It heard it will take the full 10 business days instead of the "up to 10 business days." I think once you add the 144 Hz 300 nits screen ($70), 16 GB Ram ($50), 1 TB SSD ($200), 1 TB 2.5" HDD ($50) + 4 years extended warranty ($100) = $1,560. I feel this offers better ergonomics because I can have the mouse closer to the right side of the laptop. No need to have an external memory card reader sticking out from the side. I like how the added a dedicated BIOS button you can press to enter the BIOS, but you need to use a paper clip or SIM ejection tool to press it. Legion logo doesn't have LEDs in it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, MSI GE75 Raider 17.3"with RTX 2060 (115w). Thanks! There's also the US vs. China issue too, so it might affect computer prices in the future. I'll update one more time when I get the full amount. Even those with the vapor chamber. In Just Cause 3 on ultra settings, I got 80 to 100 fps. MSI GE75: It has a MSI dragon badge had a white LED that cannot be turned off. More posts from the GamingLaptops community. I decided to leave it on because I don't think it's meant to be peeled off as there is no obvious pull tabs. MSI GE75 Raider with RTX 2060 from Costco would get a 4.75 out of 5 stars. 17.3" screen model comes with a USB 3.0 memory card reader on the right side while the 15.6" does not come with one. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I am about to buy this computer, like moments away...Can you confirm this is 81Y80007USI'm also going to add 4yr accidental, 4 yr premium warranty (so add 3 yrs above the 1 yr they give) + student/home Office & Acrobat standard which puts the price (w. tax) at nearly $2k. What upsets me is that many Legion laptops (5i and 7i) reviewed on YouTube and based on some of the posts here, there has been reports of it reaching very high temps of more than 90C in the performance mode. It seems this could be a great contender to the likes of xmg and eluktronics, There's a Ryzen CPU shortage but it should release in 2-3 months. Fairly easy to turn it on with Fn + Backspace. It was all cardboard on the inside. MSI GE75: The Dyna Speakers with 2x Giant Speakers and 2x Subwoofers are the best. Once you hear a speaker system setup that sounds really good, your ears adjust to them making everything else sound bad. Great review. And to make one you needed a phone number. Sometimes the backlit keyboard gets bugged and refuses to turn on when I want to use it. The bass sounds authentic to point I had to put away my Logitech Z323 60 Watt 2.1 speakers because the laptop speakers killed the desktop speakers. It's very hard to see your finger oils on it. Read our Nvidia RTX 2060 review to … There is a option in Lenovo Vantage to turn on/off the fast charge and keep the battery charged at 66% to prevent it from wearing out. Even though this is a 17.3" laptop with a wider chassis than the 15.6" laptop, you can only get to have a total of 2 storage drives. MSI GE75: The hinges are a lot tighter and requires two hands to open the screen. The performance is good but is not good enough compared to the other MSI GE75 Raider laptop. It comes with rtx 2060 that has 115wtdp ( compared to 100w on legion 5pi), they said also that the fans are 12v compared to 5v ( I don't know what this could mean ). When I lift the screen, it goes from like 20, 24, 26, and then 30%. The sytrofoam piece that holds the laptop in the box is designed for shock and drops. Speakers & Sound: Dolby Atmos Application 14 images in a ZIP (1.14 MB). There's also this protective plastic film you can peel off on the hinge. They don't really go in depth about the products pros and cons and most importantly why. To get .25 more stars, they would have had to added a 1 TB SSD instead of the 512 GB + 1 TB HDD or USB 3.0 SD Carder Reader. No special effects. This is the first laptop I have used where it doesn't have the separate right and left click. There are ways to manipulate the temperatures like turning on the AC or doing benchmarks early in the morning or at midnight when it gets colder. The same applies to people who always use good headphone/headset. Lenovo Legion 5Pi 82AW005SIN; Processor: Intel Core i7 10750H 10th Generation, 6 Cores, 2.6 GHz Base Speed – 5.0 GHz Max Turbo Boost, 12MB Cache: Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 (TDP 100W) Memory RAM: 16GB (8+8) RAM DDR4-2933, Upgradable up to … The key caps have a non-slippery material. My laptop screen has minor damage and 1 TB Western Digital Black 7200 RPM HDD is completely dead. Windows Key cannot be disabled, so you must rely on your game settings to disable it or using a 3rd party application to disable it. MSI GE75: Left side where the WASD keys would get hot and caused my hand to get sweaty. Sometimes the fans ramp up and creates coil whine. There's a built-in hardware diagnostic scan to see if your laptop is working or not. When you press Fn, it also lights up all the Fn combo keys. While the laptop is off and unplugged, you can charge your other devices like a smartphone or tablet. This tends to happens when I use low brightness. A balance between professional use and gaming. It also don't have macro keys. This laptop comes with a 80 wH battery. This one has no option for the RGB keyboard with macros and no 500 nits screen. 2-3 fps, 4 sometimes. Either go for the TUF A15 or wait a bit longer (3 more options to go) Discussion.