Lu–Yep, Louisiana has a fantastic culture. Stir in the cooked rice, and set aside to cool. Also leave out the red pepper flakes and bell peppers. Tommy–It was called The Cajun Corner and it was on Queen Street E., but I think it's closed, sadly. And that’s probably why you don’t see it outside the Southeast Texas/Louisiana region, as even though there may be Cajun restaurants, boudin is not usually part of their repertoire. I had no idea! Born in Beaumont Tx, raised in Orange Tx, all my family are from Louisisna New Iberia, Erath, lafayette, Lake Charles man the cuisine is Excellent greatest Aromas arround the Holidays. Top each with about a tablespoon of diced tomatoes. Don’t you miss Nick’s? Strain the meat and vegetables, reserving the liquid. “No boudin?” I said. . Information is not currently available for this nutrient. we don't add all the vegies, just garlic, sesonings and we only use pork liver with the pork. I don't like that one but this sounds more exciting. Anon–I've noticed that lots of grocery store boudins have MSG, which is a shame. Hope someone will reply to me. . Try these when you want to transform your leftover rice into something more than just a side dish. There are a few providers that DO sell boudin in link form, but it is completely uncooked (with the exception of the rice, which is cooked and cold stuffed). Thank you for this recipe! His grandmother made boudin when he was a kid so I'm sure we could get going on some! That would be like dipping a crawfish tail in ketchup. “That’s a shame. All places you CAN get boudin in a sit down restaurant…hahahaha! AH-mazing! Sacrilege. Growing up in Houston and later Louisiana, my Dad would heat up a link of boudin for us to snack on while he taught me my way around the kitchen. I always toss in a container of chicken livers to each batch as well- even in my crawfish/seafood boudin. Related Reading: A Beginner’s Guide to Deep-Frying Like a Pro. I would love to make it for my northern family as I'm the only 1 born and raised in Houston, TX. Stir the ground meat into the vegetable mixture, and cook, stirring frequently until the water has nearly evaporated, about 10 minutes. i am going to attempt my own thanks to you. Of course, those concerned about plastic could probably get the same results with some parchment paper and a little intense origami. It can be made without the liver. I like to add a bunch of jalapeños to mine, and I know people who will throw in some shrimp and crawfish, too. Boudin is usually poached though you can smoke it, as well. Ground it up, some use barley or rice. They had THE BEST boudain (the best Cajun food is always whatever you grew up eating, right?) He had grown up in Louisiana, so he called me, thrilled that he had discovered a source in the Northeast for some of his favorite Cajun ingredients. I have been wanting to make some of my own for a while. I'll try your recipe as collard (instead of cabbage)rolls. my grandpa makes it (homemade really is the best) and since he moved down to Galveston we don't get it nearly enough! Boudin (boo-dahn) is a wonderfully scrumptious Cajun dish made with meat, rice, and seasonings. We used to cut them open en heat it up in a skillet then heat some wraps also from walmart then spread some on the wrap little hot sauce, some shredded cheese,roll it up to a pouch then ENJOY…… is never enough, I love boudin but because I live in maryland the only way to get any is order online. blogherads.adq.push(function() { Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. I fell in love with Mr. Wills' Restaurant that serves boudin balls with a gooey cheesy center! Just like Blue Bell Ice Cream and Slovacek sausage. Arthur. I would love to try this recipe. kkryno–I don't have tips for those types of sausages, unfortunately. Best squeeze out of the casing on to a cracker or piece of crusty bread with your favorite mustard! But if I learn I'll share them! Voila, I liked my homemade boudin balls as much as great restaurant boudin balls. BTW, there's nothing like a poached boudin with some Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon! I’m partial to boudin that’s found at gas stations, but you can also buy it at meat markets, seafood shops, and grocery stores. Sooo happy to see a boudin recipe that seems doable for me – Always loved the stuff, but can't handle a lot of spiciness. Great taste both ways. But the one thing this store didn’t have was boudin—a Cajun sausage that you also can’t find in New York. So it's ok to just add in the liver and cook it with the pork? I make the boudin then I make balls and roll them in a corn meal and flour mix and freeze them just until firm. I cook seafood separately when I’m making seafood boudin, but then peel the shrimp and/or crawfish, toss the peels back into the boiling pot (which has liquid crab book and Old Bay seasonings in it already) boil them for a while, strain and add that to the rice broth as well.