I love the odd design of the Lava. The Javelin Pro sits right in the middle, and offers you high end accuracy and features at mid-range price. And love the look. Unplugged, the Lava Me Pro is a cannon. Its rich, deep, and loud lows blend nicely (while still remaining solitary) with the ringing highs and clear mids that hold it all together. Here is the Lava Me Pro All New Features: LAVA ME PRO Carbon Fiber Guitar. We test each product thoroughly and give marks to only the very best that is given by our author. Most instant-read meat thermometers you see today are either budget buys ($15-30) or high end like the Thermapen Mk4 for $99.. Lava me pro is one of the best carbon Fiber acoustic guitars designed by Lava music, especially for stage performance. It has a powerful preamp system built-in. They developed a deep partnership with L.R baggs: for making the system most powerful. But I was turned off by the size (no cutaway) and the longscale. The Javelin Pro is an interesting product. The onboard rechargeable L2 Pro preamp—co-designed with L.R. The Lava Me Pro is a portable carbon fiber guitar designed for live performers. I wanted the short scale and the Carbon. Earlier, this guitar had won the IDEA design award in the US. The accoustic sound of the Yamaha will be better. AirCarbon is an all-new structural material for the soundboard of the Lava Me Pro. I went for the Lava me 2, waiting for the delivery. In October of 2019, I released a review for the Lava Me 2. Baggs—provides a menu of effects, including a natural-sounding reverb, chorus, and tap-tempo delay. It provides the elevated acoustic sound quality of a professional performance at a fraction of the size. A travel sized acoustic guitar made of carbon fiber with a built-in delay, reverb, and chorus effects. The LAVA ME PRO’s body is also weatherproof in conditions up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit and its carry-case, made from “AirBuff,” acts as a defense system. Disclosure: We are a professional review company & our reviews are not biased towards any of the products we review. lava me 2 left handed,lava me 2 guitar price in india,lava me guitar,lava me pro guitar,lava me pro guitar price,lava me guitar price,lava me 2 guitar used,lava me 2 guitar amazon.