Top with coriander and mint chutney (see step 1). Brands aside, Kathi Roll stalls are available dime a dozen in tiny lanes and hidden streets of Kolkata, and if you walk down Eliot Road, or even the backlanes of New Market, you’re bound to find more than two guys selling pretty decent rolls. This recipe is for paneer but strips of chicken breast or a julienne of mixed vegetables will work equally well. Ingredients. For the chutney. The Kati Roll grabbed Kate and Jack's attention on the famous Park Street, Kolkata and they decided this was the ultimate street food dish to bring back to the UK. Traditionally kathi rolls are made with paratha (fried unleavened bread). First and foremost, the marinated chicken is air fried. Healthy version of street-style Egg-Chicken Roll. After dipping their toes into some of London's bustling lunch markets, they set up their first permanent site in August 2016 at KERB Camden Market, slingin’ HOT KATI ROLLS 364 days of the year. People here are gripped by the romantic and nostalgic potential that street food has to offer: … Now, I have made a quite a few alterations to the original method of making a street-style Kolkata Egg-Chicken Kathi Roll. Calcutta street foods are meticulously crafted nostalgia on paper plates, embedded in the personal and shared social/local histories. Chapattis offer a a lower-fat option. In fact, I would probably cheat on Bedwin and walk over to Azad Hind for the Chicken Sheekh Roll. The kabiraji cutlets, Mughlai paranthas, fish fries, chops and chicken kathi rolls, with their royal and colonial provenance, have become more than street food. Both are easily available from supermarkets and Indian stores.