The supplement comes in a convenient-to-take capsule form. You can find it in beans, cauliflower, nuts, potatoes, wheat bran, and whole-wheat flour. You can mix it in your meals, dissolve it in water before eating to relieve digestive issues or mix it in a smoothie for a snack. While it seems like almost all of these supplements for keto work the same way, the active ingredient of NOW Acacia works differently. On the other hand, you need to take 2 to 3 capsules twice or thrice a day. Heather’s Tummy Fiber is a USDA organic product, with no gluten and 100% soluble fiber. It’s versatile, relieves several stomach problems and, it’s been extensively tested plus it is affordable. it will be difficult for you to get the body’s much-needed fiber. What low-carb fiber-rich foods do you enjoy the most? And since carbs will turn into glucose at a slower rate, this means your blood sugar levels will be stabilized. With that in mind, here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing your fiber supplement. (1). Your GI upsets may even have nothing to do with Keto diet. The main ingredient of this keto diet supplement is Organic Psyllium Husk (for the powder), and 50 mg Pectin (for tablets), which they claim can provide 6 grams of fiber (soluble). However, it has been shown that total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels are decreased after eating soluble fiber. As you can gather, not a lot of these food items are keto-friendly, except some of the vegetables. Why is this so? With that in mind, your biggest question would be, how do I add fiber to my keto diet? So which are the best keto fiber supplements? This product contains lignans and 1800mg Omega-3. You can mix the powder in shakes and smoothies. To determine which is the best fiber supplement for your keto diet, we must understand how each supplement works. However, please be warned that not all fiber supplements are good for you or your diet. There’s only one solution to that—take the best fiber supplements for ketogenic diet. That’s why they have two candidates for this list. According to the company, the supplement can also promote digestive health, facilitate regular bowel movements, control appetite, maintain blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce heart disease risk. Please log in again. It has a better taste than the other fiber supplements. On the other hand, it takes longer to work against acute conditions. For the convenience of the user, the supplement comes in two forms—capsules and powder. Ancient Nutrition is a company that claims to deliver ancient nutrients in a modern form. Soluble fiber can dissolve in water and improves your blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Best Fiber Supplement for Keto & Low Carb Dieters Review [2020]. That way, you can lose weight, improve your bowel movements and diminish your hunger pangs. Stress and anxiety are related to various digestive issues, including constipation and diarrhea. The powder is highly soluble and mixes easily with water, yogurt, coffee, and other drinks. And if we ever move our bowels, it’s painful or difficult to do so. Which are the best keto fiber foods? However, the supplements have different active ingredients. You can mix it into your smoothies, almond milk, and other drinks. Should You Take a Fiber Supplement on Keto? You can find it in apples, barley, beans, carrots, citrus, peas, and psyllium. This Psyllium Husk keto-friendly fiber supplement is a form of soluble fiber. The result is a powder with uniform consistency and has a more palatable taste. It’s USDA certified organic, with no gluten and can fit various diets, including Vegan, Kosher, and Paleo. Dietary fiber isn’t entirely absorbed by your body, as opposed to carbs, proteins or fats. It contains 40 calories, 5 grams of dietary fiber and 2 grams of net carbs per serving. When that happens, you may get kicked out of ketosis, and all your hard work will be put to waste. Let’s take a sneak peek on the differences of the 5 best fiber supplements on keto. Same with Now, the star ingredient of Metamucil is psyllium husk. The other ingredients are sucrose and a bit of sodium. Best Fiber Supplements for Keto #1 NOW Psyllium Husk Powder #2 Viva Naturals Organic Ground Flaxseed – Sugar Free Fiber Supplement #3 Heather’s Tummy Fiber – Organic Acacia Senegal #4 Benefiber Daily Prebiotic Dietary Fiber #5 Bob’s Red Mill Raw Whole Golden Flaxseeds – Low Carb Fiber Supplement #6 Ancient Nutrition Keto FIBER Powder Acacia is also considered to be a probiotic. These are beneficial for your digestive tract’s flora, which aids in improving your overall digestion. That’s already 75% of our daily dietary soluble fiber requirement. This keto-friendly fiber supplement contains a mix of organic superfoods rich in fibers, fermented herbs, and MCT oils. The powder contains many beneficial ingredients. This is the most critical consideration of all. Adding a fiber supplement like Metamucil is a great way to add more fiber to your diet to keep you regular* so you can see the benefits of your keto diet without drawback of constipation. Both the Sugar-Free and Premium Blend types of Metamucil are sugar and gluten-free, so they are keto friendly. IMHO, NOW Psyllium Husk Powder is the best fiber supplement. A heaping scoop (17 g) of this powder provides you 5 grams of dietary fiber, contains 7 grams of carbohydrates, and delivers only 40 calories. This keto-friendly fiber supplement contains a mix of organic superfoods rich in fibers, fermented herbs, and MCT oils. You also need to take into account that these foods have little carb per serving, so you can still follow the ketogenic diet. Insoluble fiber can’t be dissolved in water, passing almost intact through your digestive system. It means that you’ll feel full for longer and won’t feel any hunger pangs when you’re dieting. According to its label, one tablespoon of the powder contains only 8g of carbohydrates, while  2 capsules have only 1gram of carbohydrates. Flaxseed contains 27% fibers and just 0.01% carbs, so keto dieters love it. You can add it to any food or drink, it has no taste and dissolves completely in water. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. It’s an ultra-fine powder made from organic Psyllium Husk. There are several varieties of Metamucil powder. Mind the recommended daily amount to avoid diarrhea, bloating and pain. This type of fiber alleviates constipation. Wellness Wires is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to To determine what these are, please check out our buying guide. Research from American Journal of Cardiology found that Fifteen grams of acacia fiber taken daily, helped with managing plasma cholesterol concentrations in blood. The company has been in the industry since 1934. This supplement has been devised to assist in treating the Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acts like a prebiotic.