After the Duel, Yusei tried to talk to him, but he gave no reply as he rode off with Radley's gang. As a member of The Enforcers, he is only seen Dueling in Ground Duels. But security found Kalin and arrested him for injuring a guard. After visiting the graves of those who went to the mountain, Kalin vowed to fight for those either still working in the mountain or had lost their lives because of it and to save West and Nico, and called himself a "Death God". The team managed to conquer all the team areas in the Satellite by beating the other Duel Gangs. 5D's anime. He was eventually pursued by Security until his former teammates came to his rescue. After conquering all the zones in Satellite, Kalin got into a fight with a kid from Team Insect, something that prompted Crow and Jack to go against Kalin and leave the team. His method of dueling shows that as his monster's effects act like Russian Roulette. He had extreme hatred toward Yusei Fudo and his previous team (The Enforcers), but later forgave them after he found out the truth from his loss to Yusei. He took Kalin and escaped, and as they did, they ran into Nico and West. When he returned to the headquarters of the Dark Signers, Roman Goodwin asked him why he did not kill Yusei. Barbara told Yusei that Kalin had come to this town to die. Lawton and Barbara attempted to make a final getaway but were stopped by Crow and Jack. Obrigado por assistir #Yugioh #Duel #Links #Game #play #duelo #game #mobile #YOUTUBE #carly Yusei had stopped Kalin from escaping arrest after he almost killed one of the Sector Security's squad members. This event takes place from July 27th to August 5th. Kalin gave chase on Yusei's Duel Runner and caught him in order to finish his last turn. It called itself the "Envoy of the Underworld" who came with a proposition: If Kalin had some sort of unfinished business, he could come back to complete it as a Dark Signer. Kalin still had memories of the time when he was a Dark Signer (how this occurred was unknown; it was possible that he remembered because he became a Dark Signer willingly, like Rex and Roman Goodwin, and that unwilling transformations like Carly's resulted in memory loss). After that, Kalin was seen in a cell, near death from starvation, when a voice spoke to him. After this, Yusei Summoned "Majestic Star Dragon", and it ultimately took down "Ccapac Apu". As a Dark Signer, Kalin was able to project his "Earthbound Immortal" into fog as a purple image, which also caused Yusei's mark to react. Posts. He met with the trio for the first time when he approached them with the idea for the Team. Collect Harmonicas by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels; Use Harmonicas to spin the roulette and Duel against the opponent decided by it; Advance through the areas by winning duels to obtain Rewards! At some point after that, he escaped prison and eventually joined up with the other 3 Dark Signers: Roman, Devack, and Misty. Sigueme en instagram : @fighter_x_oficial Sigueme y dale like a mi Facebook: In an attempt to get rid of them, Lawton threw dynamite at them, which caused the mine to collapse and left Kalin and Yusei in a crevice, while West and Nico were taken as hostages by Lawton. After these events, he was gone on a trip, according to Luna. Kalin Kessler. His dark mark was the Giant. He Dueled one of the members of another gang led by Malcolm and ultimately won against his opponent. In the Facility, Kalin was painfully imprinted with a criminal mark, and the prison guards constantly beat him up and intentionally withheld his food rations. Favourite Bands / Musical Artists. After Yusei destroyed it, Kalin revealed to him the horrible incidents that occurred to him while being a prisoner before he became a Dark Signer. Friends/Allies. Yusei then punched him in the stomach and left him unconscious. When a Dark Signer, Kalin was able to project his "Earthbound Immortal" into fog as a purple image, which also caused Yusei's mark to react. Depressed and guilty he ventured to Crash Town in hopes to end his life their uncaring of what befalls him. Kalin went to work with no second thought; even Yusei couldn't convince him to escape otherwise. As a member of The Enforcers, Kalin used a different Deck to the Decks he used later. My questions are: I heard the only way to get Kalin is the event called "crash town", do you know if it will come back? He jumped on his Duel Runner and created a shadow barrier in the process, which suddenly formed, and separated Crow and Yusei. Yusei Fudo; Crow Hogan; Jack Atlas ; Kalin Kessler Episodes/Cards: View All Kalin Kessler Cards; View All Kalin Kessler Episodes; A Score to Settle, Part 1. Kalin then exclaimed that he would take down Yusei, as their Shadow Turbo Duel was about to begin. Kalin managed to steal a Duel Runner from one of the members of Malcolm's gang, and used it to get to the Duel between Lawton and Yusei. Kalin attempted to fight him, but was held back by Security and was arrested. At this point, Yusei left as well. Kalin told Jack that he had become a lot stronger since the days of the Enforcers but he was still not satisfied, with Jack agreeing. Later, when Sector Security began arresting Duelists in Satellite, Kalin decided to take action into his own hands and blew up a part of the Security base, and he seemed happy that he did it. Season: 1 Episode 54. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. The abandonment felt at the Enforcers' dissolution caused Kalin to become obsessed with ruling Satellite forever and reuniting his group for their last Duel against Security. In order for us to continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your ad-blocker. Because of his grudge against Yusei and his wish to fight the last battle with Team Satisfaction, Kalin accepted, died of starvation and was reborn as a Dark Signer.