I also inquired about the annual physical check up of which is part of the medical benefits. Upon notice, Kaiser International HealthGroup, Inc. made the necessary evaluation for the death claim. To help get through the pain, Kaiser International will be there to support the family members in facing a new chapter of their life for she has entrusted us deliver to her survivors the support she have intended for them. Since 1991, there had been major changes on how the Filipinos view health care, mostly through active involvement of the private sector accounting for 50% of the health care system in the Philippines. Is there IMG here in Belgium?Let me know please. Hi, I am also facing a problem with Kaiser International Health Group. OK, I've said a lot and I hope it makes sense to those who read this to the end and the last thing I want to say is, its YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE, so TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and MAKE THAT EFFORT.P.S. I paid for more than 326K plus 14K re-instated cost and i will get only P88,400. They have a license and they pay 800 Pesos per month at IMG. Your plan matures and reaches its maximum value in about 11 more years, during which you have health and life protection.Kaiser is paperless and the main avenue for billing and payment issues is via the customer portal OPMS. Note that the insurance coverage is minimal and the investment does not really give a good return. Corporate Account. They have a bigger coverage and their services are comprehensive and well defined. Many times we are impulsive in both responding and reacting. !Gusto mo matoto mag tipid, read books on how to save money meron dami jan sa National bookstore...Gusto mag invest inquire in the bank directly, gusto mo kumuha ng life insurance at health insurance go directly sa mga accredited agents and license insurance personnel na may track record....Why join a group and pay 4500 and all you get is also a half educated financial mentor. Sino ba ang ngsabi na etreat mo sila ng meals? We are very satisfied with the way Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. run their business. They are not representative of the group. Inspired by the nature of close relations among Filipino families and their independence with each other, the company intervenes to cater to the long-term health care needs of every member with assured financial independence. In the long run, he will be rewarded for staying healthy and is on his way to a more secure and comfortable elderly life. It's better to invest your money in other things. Let me know how can I help. Hello. All IMG transactions are aboveboard and compliant with all Philippine laws.Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is a long term healthcare product. A simple ceremonies was held at the IMG Office in Salinas Drive in Cebu City last March 1, 2008 witnessed by IMG CEOs Mr. Jose Enrique De Las Penas, Mr. Noel Arandilla and Alijeffty C. Gonzales, President of Kaiser. Because LEARNING is the most relevant matter in order for us to be in the right Track and so we you will make any regret in the future. That agent took my money, signed me up and then never actually helped me be part of IMG. As I said , we are spending more than gaining in joining IMG. Syempre gusto ko ring mag siguro sa perang bibitawan kc pinaghirapan natin yan.sana maituro nyo sa akin kung paano at sino ang dapat kung lapitan para maka join ako. Hai naku Mr. Raven..taga davao ka kamo?..gidaot ra jud nmu ang Kaiser unya gipromote nimu ang PRULIFE..pag sure dha uie...e broadcast na sa media kung isog jud ka..wa ra jud ka kasabot sa systema..Ang ingon ni Bo. Rosa Laguna, Calamba Laguna, Dasmarinas Cavite, and other locations:http://bit.ly/seminarmakati, Kaiser offers HMO products or investment (VUL) products?and are they following IC (insurance.gov.ph) guidelines? It seems impossible to do that. Kaiser was also granted a clearance to operate by the Department of Health- Bureau of Health Facilities and Services last July 26, 2004. One of the Philippines' leading business daily, Business World reported Kaiser as one of the Newly Registered Corporations with at least Php:50M authorized capital in its August 5, 2004 issue. In 7years hndi pa lalago pera mo dyan lalago yan after 8yrs mo, Hello, I just applied in kaiser k-50 today can i cancel it?thank u, Continue po maam so far I don't have any problem for Kaiser. And how much money would I be getting?Thank you very much.I am sorry to bother you with this, but I just cant contact anymore my IMG agent, and when I tried to ask these questions to Kaiser Customer Care, they didn't answer. I contacted their helpline and they provided me a name who to contact with regards to Kaiser issues but the person is no longer connected with the hospital. If after a few emails, you are unable to sort it out, please send me a PM at FB: Join the TrulyRichMakers IMG encourages DIY (do it yourself) personal finance, so go through official support channels first and if you have problems, you have an entire community to help :-)Regards, I see the question is not answered as usual this really is a scam. If the person who invited you can no longer be reached, you can contact any of the other team members. Ty, Hi po mam! With Kaiser, we can do all that! Thanks po. Hello. If you want mutual funds, you are supposed to attend mutual fund training. International Marketing Group is one of the few companies of its kind No worries. I just wanted to ask kung yung total payment ko po na binayad for 7 years ay ang amount na expected to yield 5-8% per year?Thanks in advance! That's why we have to be wiser about our money, about our investments, the security of our health, our family, our old age. Hi have an account dati parang 3months ko sya nabayaran tapos NG lapse na lng din,. This is a warning to everyone, be aware and informed before signing up to any contract... We have some new members who enthusiastically invite people to get Kaiser plans, and then disappear. And now YOU are like buying shampoo from that store without even checking if its safe for your hair. While most HMOs cater to both group and individual accounts, Kaiser's product is geared to address the long-term health care needs of individuals especially after their employment and retirement years. Kindly email me your name and send yout active email or contact me at personally so I can guide you to get start .thank u. please visit my Facebook page the old one is hacked..so this my new Facebook page name R-quel IC Corpuz...every problems has a solutions all we need is to understand first.. Kaiser Ultimate Builder is being offered to OFW. I only paid my kaiser for 1 month only because I have been hearing things that kaiser is not that good and some people have bad experiences regarding kaiser and IMG. EXTER G SOBERANO "The pending payment you posted on your Online Policy Management System (OPMS) is still being validated by Kaiser. I've been a loyal customer of Kaiser for more than 2 years or 27 months I took K-100 policy I am paying Php 5,882 monthly. I was diagnosed of having a tumor located outside of my small intestine. My last payment was posted to my lapsed policy!!!! -- Saya ( mag-Saya, kasi ito ay magiging P1,000,000 hanggang P2,300,000 makaraan ang 20 taon )cheersBobetp.s.maaari ring mag-seminar -- sa Makati http://bit.ly/seminarmakati-- sa Calamba http://bit.ly/seminarcalamba-- sa Dasmarinas Cavite http://bit.ly/seminardasmarinas, Hello po..I just applied for kaiser k-50 today can i cancel it?,because my husband dont like it, i much prefer to follow him.pls let me know how to cancel it so i can't pay monthly.and this is 7 yrs. It has come to a point where more than 50% of Filipino parents rely so much on their children or other relatives to support them in their old age. years. My bad.I have my regrets and will wait for the 10th year to surrender my policy and get said cash value. In your case, the receipts are sent to Landco ( according to your article ).The nice thing about Kaiser billing is that if you can show proof of payment ( and if you paid electronically, the proof is in some emails in our inbox ), they will eventually sort it out, even if the history is multiple years already. IMG itself is an insurance broker company licenced for a multitude of financial products.In the case of mutual funds, the trainings are conducted by licensed Certified Investment Solicitors. They have been very cooperative and have good assistance service to clients. In short, he just want to sign me up so that he can get commission. Thank you so much! This is like marrying someone and then if things don't go well, he/she will just find a person to blame.And if you really are honest of your Kaiser experience, why not post it in your Facebook account so that your friends can also know about your bad experience. LACK OF EDUCATION AND LEARNING are the most common thing that leads people to have a mis-understanding and also ignite people to immediately response a negative feedback, but afterwards, when somebody learned about the facts then thats the only time that you will say, "oo nga, hindi ko pala naintindihan noon". The hospital is promptly paid up. BELEN O. SABAYDAY Wth and when I asked them why they posted my payment to old and lapsed policy plan with monthly mode of payment instead of correcting their mistake they asked me to write a letter of explanation!!! More Power to Kaiser!