Names Diego and James Trace Back to Hebrew . Variants of Santiago include Iago (a common Galician language name), and Thiago or Tiago (a common Portuguese language name). Anyone who chooses the world for a friend is constituted an enemy of God. James 4:3 • James 4:3 NIV • James 4:3 NLT • James 4:3 ESV • James 4:3 NASB • James 4:3 KJV • James 4:3 Commentaries • James 4:3 Bible Apps • James 4:3 Biblia Paralela • James 4:3 Chinese Bible • James 4:3 French Bible • James 4:3 German Bible Interlinear Bible Bible Hub A recent article published in Spanish print media on the day when Roman Catholic (and other Christian denominations) communities mark the saint and those who bear his name answered this question. Chapter 5 The short explanation is that languages change over time, and if we trace the names of Diego and James as far back as we can, we end up with the Hebrew name of Ya'akov back into the days well before the Common or Christian Era. See 4 authoritative translations of Spanish in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. That name changed in several directions before arriving into the modern Spanish and English equivalents. First Published: In the year of our Lord (Anno Domini) AD 1569. The Holy Bible, Reina-Valera Antigua Spanish Version (RVA). Chapter 3. James Spanish Picture Bible. Do you not realise that love for the world is hatred for God? 5 Can you not see the point of the saying in scripture, 'The longing of the spirit he sent to dwell in us is a jealous longing.'?. 4 Adulterers! Translate Spanish. The name is also complicated in Spanish in that Jaime and Jacobo are modern versions of James. Tyros 4: Blue Spanish eyes - Bert Kaempfert Here's a new demo, played with an edited internal style van de Tyros 4. Revised AD1602. Chapter 1. Chapter 4. Chapter 2.