Pulled Role Reversal too and it piques my interest. More MTG Articles via TCGPlayer.com. R 8.00 Add. Storm the Vault. ... Scott is an Irish content creator and the Head of Budget Magic for the Izzet League. I know, you are surprised and astounded, but I promise you, my name is still Seth Cross and this is the real, actual-factual final installment of the Replacement Commanders series for Commander 2018! I think that this card is a bit underrated, it generates you a lot of mana from giving treasures to then becoming a Tolarian Academy. 5. Expedition Map, Mind Stone, and Burnished Hart are just a few examples of Commander staples with different converted mana costs that can hit the graveyard. Next to yet another token maker in Saheeli, this could be valuable removal worthy of the downside of sorcery speed. Tishana, Voice of Thunder ... Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari 1 in stock. Well, Izzet? Commander 2015 - $2.00 - 0 in stock Commander 2018 - $2.00 - 0 in stock Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari - $2.00 - 0 in stock R 8.00 Add. The more of these insisted upon staples you bank on, the less room you have to really experiment with different cards and innovative combinations. Transguild Promenade edhrec.com #384 Commander 2016 1 in stock. Aha! To take full advantage of expressing your individuality in Commander, focus on cards that are thematic and flavorful to your deck as a whole over the perceived ‘must haves’ of a deck. Hello again, you lovely readers! Anyways, without further ado, I will now be going over my opinion of Commander’s izzet staples or general cards in the color pairing. Commander Staples Add. Transguild Promenade edhrec.com #384 Commander 2013 1 in stock. Commander Staples - Back in Black by Roberto Moser • May 3, 2017. Tranquil Thicket edhrec.com #418 Modern Horizons 26 in stock. Roberto: “If you ever feel limited as a Izzet player, please note that there is an interesting variation of Izzet that gives up Red for Black. Mythic/rare staples were allready on preoder with only Karn's Bastion as double (promo). R 8.00 Add.