level 1. Rasmussen College may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content. Almost everybody has a university degree these days and so as to create some kind of superiority, higher degrees and professional courses are being introduced but even now, those are losing value too. Some people aspire to be accoutants, bankers, and financial analysts (don't ask me why, they just do) and for them the business degree is far from worthless. Ajaero Tony Martins is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer and Investor; with a passion for sharing his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. This is because although some restauranteurs view culinary college as an … “The most important thing I learned was about how to sell an idea,” says Kimberly Faith, author of Breakthru Branding . The fact that all your siblings before you , went to the university and are now graduates earning six figures don’t mean that things are going to work out the same way for you. Fortunately, these skills are useful in many aspects of life. Rasmussen College is not enrolling students in your state at this time. Because of this, many programs offer a wide array of classes to help students discover what they enjoy and are suited for. So if your goal for going to university is to get a six figure paying job in a fortune 500 company, you should really think of the ratio of those who actually get these jobs to those who do not. If you earned your college degree in 1995 for instance, I bet no one taught you about social media marketing or email marketing campaigns but if you don’t know these things in today’s business world, you are really lagging behind. 8. If you're talking about a general "business administration" degree, then yes, it is worthless. “Everything in life is about convincing someone of something.”. How many successful business men and women today actually had business degrees? Even beyond specific classes, the goal of a Business education is to send students away with a skill set they can use to thrive professionally. Budding chefs may previously have thought that culinary college is a no-brainer, but recent statistics actually suggest otherwise. 09.14.2020, Kirsten Slyter | Startup Accelerator Vs Incubator – What’s the Difference? If you eventually decide to pursue something else, your education as a Business major could still be very applicable. Students who learn them well will have a strong basis to excel in the world of business—and beyond. Please visit www.rasmussen.edu/degrees for a list of programs offered. One aspect of majoring in Business is the classes and courses the degree will cover. Fitzgerald built a website and mobile app and quickly realized how valuable the skill really was. Is the degree too broadly focused? © 2020 Rasmussen College, LLC. You’ve always liked the sharp, fast-paced look of the business world and can see yourself loving it. The education you receive in a Business track can be applied to many different jobs outside of the business world. The money that you would spend paying university tuition that you are not sure would get you a good job could be invested in business which would yield you a lot of profit over the years. To succeed in business, you have to constantly develop your skills and update your knowledge. “It gave me the ability to pursue a vast amount of different careers. 07.27.2020. We live in a world where everyone wants to do what the next person is doing without really considering the individuality of things. Well we can … This piece of ad content was created by Rasmussen College to support its educational programs. Will it lead you to where you want to go? But Business majors learn another high-level, valuable skill—so high-level, it’s almost a frame of mind. You have options.”. “As a result of these skills, I now am in the one percent of income earners.”. I am not saying those are bad jobs but if you really did want to become a nanny in the first place, why waste your time going through all that stress? Obviously, no one knows how valuable a major will be to you personally—but plenty of professionals who earned their degree in Business have something to say about what it did (or didn’t) do for their careers.