Sharing is important because: * SHARING IS CARING ,share a little to others from a part of what you got on your plate. 4 GIVING TO CHARITY INTRODUCES YOUR CHILDREN TO THE IMPORTANCE OF GENEROSITY . This week the privacy regulator has cautioned MP’s over sharing their passwords with their staff after a number of tweets revealed they were engaged in the practice. Sharing the experience of donating to charity with your children shows them from a young age that they can make positive changes in the world. 1.5.12 Give the patient both oral and written information. God started it all by giving His only begotten which cost him everything yet free. It’s easy to give off from what you love doing and it’s your foundation for a lifestyle of giving. Sometimes, through time we lose essence of the true meaning of giving. Reduces The Loss Of Know-How. But gave all that He had to gain all of Himself in us. Just as much importance should be placed on giving, if not more, than receiving. There are too many folks running that road. 8. We get caught up in the, "What did I get for Christmas" marathon. That is the true meaning of Christmas. Professionals in various industries will require different metrics, however. 1.5.13 Give the patient information in an accessible format, at the first and subsequent visits. Whilst this is the easiest way to provide access to your account when people need to access your data, the regulator is absolutely on the money when it comes to their warning – you should never give anyone your user credentials. 10.4b Explain the importance of sharing information with the relevant agencies. For example, those in the more creative industries don’t really need their hours of work tallied for them to know if they’re performing. * Sharing happiness will makes you and your surrounding happier. Know-how is an important asset in every organization and should be managed properly. Using a knowledge sharing platform facilitates your workers in staying up-to-date with the business policies, practices, and techniques. Thank you for sharing a very traditional hub post on Christmas. This means He did not put a sale tag on Him, that whosoever believes must then buy with the prevailing currency. 1.5.11 Give the patient information, and the support they need to make use of the information, in order to promote their active participation in care and self-management. One thing I have learned since starting this project is the importance of sharing your story. So it’s important to define what metrics are important to your business. The safeguarding adults board should draw up a common agreement relating to confidentiality that sets out the principles governing the sharing of information.