To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Impératif – … Imperative Endings. Our online exercises for French help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. Learn the french imperative with our high quality e-books & refreshed content accompanied by podcasts and exercises to practice & perfect grammar in french The French Imperative Posted by Elizabeth Schmermund on May 30, 2016 in Grammar In my last post, one of my astute readers pointed out that, in a French si clause, the imperative can also result from “si+present tense” (in addition, of course, to the present and future tenses, as I discussed). What is an imperative sentence in French ? From the moment you start comprehending language, the first few things you start understanding are commands. The endings are quite straight forward. The imperative (l’impératif) is a very tense or “mood” that’s used to give commands and orders as well as make requests. The imperative is the only personal verb form that does not require a subject; the verb conjugation alone tells … It’s also used to give advice and make suggestions. Definition: Imperatives are verbs used to give orders, commands,warning or instructions, and (if you use "please") to make a request. Impératif - Exercises. French Imperative – Impératif. It can end with a point (.) It is one of the three moods of an English verb (indicative, imperative and subjunctive). : The imperative phrase (French: la phrase impérative) is also called injonctive phrase (La phrase injonctive) and expresses an order, an advice, or a prohibition. These instructions are said in what is known as the imperative verb or the ‘imperatif’ as known in French. French imperative conjugations are relatively easy, as for most verbs they’re identical to their present tense conjugations – without the subject pronoun. It could range from giving advice on picking an outfit to making a polite request for keeping quiet to expressing a desire about an ambition and maybe recommending a film. Test yourself on the French imperative with these fill-in-the-blanks exercises: Conseils de prévention contre le coronavirus; Recette de gel hydro-alcoolique; Le règlement de la piscine; Note: You must be logged into your Progress with Lawless French account to … Simply take the tu, nous and vous forms of the present tense. ). Find out about the different forms of imperative verbs and what they convey with BBC Bitesize GCSE French. Online exercises to improve your French. For example: Give me that tape, please. Or an exclamation point (! Imperative Quizzes. To make the imperative… Think you’ve got it?