Daniel I would like to visit with you on the phone on these formulas for a hyrofarm im involved with. I wonder if you can make the window maximise, so that's it's not necessary to scroll up and down (easier to read the salt list). Error during trunate on file 26b0520.” The error log generated from this is fairly long so I won’t post it here, but I can send you a copy of what it says if that helps. I started crunching the numbers by hand and noticed that when I calculated the ammount of Calcium from Calcium Nitrate (as my only source of Calcium)the program gave me a wrong answer !!! now it is not showing anywhere. I feel it also adds an increased satisfaction to the whole process. Please also remember that HydroBuddy is provided without any support, for a more comprehensive answer to your questions please donate 20 USD through the paypal link within the program. > Daniel wrote: >> Spurr wrote: >> >> C) In the window “Nutrient Ratios”, can one add custom ratio(s) of only two >> elements? Currently HydroBuddy searches for the best mathematical solution to a given problem and therefore it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to “force” the program to use a certain amount of any element as any solution obtained in this way will be different from the optimal one. and what is a good solution in your mind to adding carbohydrates or amino acids hydroponically in plants, specifically a replacement to products like sweet, big bud and bud candy…thank you, I m having problems opening your latest hydrobuddy, mainly it can’t open the update.ini. my bad, turns out the formula i saw in tank “A” was yara cal-nitrate & potassium-nitrate. It was working sort of last night…now won’t even stay open. Hi Daniel, Love the program, however i have some issues, after entering element salts i use saving them in the DB. Thanks again for your comment. Thank you very much again for your comment :o). This might be due to a similar problem with final volume as highlighted above. Great work, good program. The result – 1.75 EC and 1225 TDS (0.7) I tried to do the same with other fertilizers, in the instructions it says that the EC should be 1.06, and showed me the same instrument, but your program says that there should be EC – 0.8. A little help? I want to seriously work on this for next 20 years or so. Thus, the relativity of N-P-K by ppm is 3-1-4. More of a “This is where this is and this is what it does” sort of thing so I can make these changes myself to the source code. In order for the adjustment to be effective you must do it AFTER the addition if this basic salt. Regarding your solution choice, it is better to choose one of the generic solutions rather than this, more specialized one. You can save your formulations and share the files with anyone you want :o) files for formulations are saved within the same folder as the program. Thanks! voila. I am trying to calculate the formula on the basis of PPM from Dr. Howard resh website for tomatomes. Just putting up your years of experience/expertise for the world to see/use – gratis!. -Bruce, Oh, is it possible to make a new option for the software to be able to make supplements like Cal-Mag mixes or a bloom boost formula? […] Como he mencionado antes, HydroBuddy es gratuito y está disponible para Windows, Mac y Linux en su página. I have checked this countless times. Thanks! ASCII artifacts spewed all over the screen and no successful download. Right click on the hydrobuddy icon/shortcut and choose “Run as Administrator”, Hi Daniel, I admire what you are doing for the Hydroponics lover that I refuse to accept not having HydroBuddy on my laptop. You might be too busy to change this but I thought I would let you know. Any plans to work on a solution pH calculator? Thank you very much again for all your interest in the calculator :o). Why is the calculator’s Ca ppm so much higher than the original recommendation. After some days I checked it with the “clean grow” sensor at my university (HTW Dresden, Germany). TOMATO PLANT CULTURE: IN THE FIELD, GREENHOUSE, AND HOME GARDEN says that Cu concentrations greater than 0.1 mg/L (ppm) can cause toxicity. All of these elements are now tracked and their conductivity contributions are measured. Certainly you might want to explain this a little bit better as I may have misunderstood your explanation :o). Again, this file CANNOT be opened by double-clicking you need to execute it from a terminal. See the big differences at the Cu result. Kudos. If you want to execute on a 32-bit Windows machine you’ll need to compile the program yourself from the github source. Please let us know. – Added new update functionality which allows new database fields to be added to existing databases – Added new pH/KH/GH fields to water quality analysis. Its NPK is 7-4-10 with 4% Ca, 1.5% Mg and 0.1% Fe. i will try nitric acid. There are no 32-bit precompiled binaries. – Save data for future reference. What is the relation between temperature and the concentraion of the nutrient solution. PS: If you want to completely eliminate genetic variability you can grow a single plant and then use cutting from that plant to grow new ones to carry out your study. Many online sources that do calcualtions in this way (several spreadsheets like PH spreadsheet do so in this way) are WRONG since they assume volume additions which should NOT be present. I have no idea on what is going wrong and how to solve this. a quick question: in the Copy Commercial Nutrient Formulation tab: what does W/W% and W/V% mean? Hmm… I’ve removed the folder and re-extracted the files. Most commonly you can also find the mixed ammonium/calcium nitrate (what Yara sells as calcium nitrate), which has a different molar mass. How does the program decide not to include certain salts in it’s calculations? I am not sure which of the following are needed, most of them seem to be, but I am sure there are a couple here that are not required, but not harmful. In Resh’s book he has some tables that address this issue and I will work on it. Please check your email and follow the instructions. Am very grateful for this great piece of app. When I run the installation, I get an error while it’s trying to build the uninstall. However then the gross error on Phosphorus goes up to ~20%. […] for growing tomato's from the University of Arizona Nutrition Here is a free nutrient calculator Nutrient Calculator Although I haven't read them yet, here are a couple of books on my list to get Hydroponic […], Gidday Daniel! I have fixed the whole updating issue currently going on and it should now be working correctly :o) Please download v1.13 from the website, unzip all the files in one folder and run HydroBuddy. Thanks for the reply. “use 10 ml of A and B within every Liter of final solution” stand for “5ml A + 5ml B” or ” 10 ml A + 10 ml B”? I’m sorry if my query is silly. Please consider to add Urea in next version of your useful software . It seems to be that the calculator attempts to fulfill nitrate and not ammonium requirements with this salt so it does not see that it requires to use it when nitrate requirements are already fulfilled. Hi Daniel, I am a Dairy Farmer from Bangalore, India and grow Fodder in Hydroponic Trays. (ie,Nitrogen of nitrate 3.52%W/V ) Do I just list it as 3.52% ? I am glad to announce the release of version 0.7 of my hydroponic calculator (hydroponic buddy). By the way HydroBuddy is programed in FreePascal (using Lazarus) which is a very easy to learn language so you’re definitely welcome to look at the source and better understand how the program works. You’ll need to search online how to install Lazarus and then attempt to compile the source code there yourself. However rest assured you’re not corrupting the database. Once again Daniel, thanks for sharing your exceptional knowledge. Bear in mind that the calcium nitrate found within HydroBuddy is 100% pure calcium nitrate tetrahydrate. However, I am having difficulties adding custom substances. – Save Results : Saves a text file with the name chosen on the Edit box in the same folder as where the calculator's executable is located. FYI, both of the computers running on Window XP Home edition. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to the next release. I just tried playing with the Data log. Thanks ! Meaning, if you going to plant lettuce to have the maximum group you must apply 240kg of N, 60kg of P2o5, 60 k20 of fertilizer / hectare. the autoupdate feature was stalling and preventing me from running hydrobuddy.