Bagara baingan is a popular side dish for Biryani from the Hyderabadi cuisine. Choose a small pan for frying, can use less oil. You are welcome Manisha Stir and cook on a low to medium flame. Glad to know it turned out well. Add 1/2 cup water to the pan, pour the blended mixture. Pls share some quick chaat recipes, Hi Swath, ttried your receipevand it is very tastey. In hyderabad we refer to it as hyderabadi baghare baingan. I will, of course, acknowledge all sources as required by you. Of all the many recipes available on the internet, I found this best suited to my needs. Add cumin and mustard. Transfer the hot oil to a bowl and just retain a few tsp oil in the pan. Filter the tamarind juice or add paste. Set aside to cool. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3ac7e34f88356fc402f4084c876ccc3" );document.getElementById("f4a15109bd").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, Set them aside. Bagara baingan tastes delicious with a nutty aroma that comes from peanuts, coconut and sesame seeds. Transfer these to an absorbent tissue. Hyderabadi cuisine is one of the mouth watering cuisines with the best vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes. Heat the oil in flat frying pan over low medium heat and stir-fry eggplant rotating occasionally till they are tender not mushy. , So this website is may fav or i shud say i make only those recipes which i find on this… After chicken dishes i tried this today bcz my abba was bored of old brinjal recipes… As always it turned out superb and abba so happily ate it.. Cheers Gomathy, Hi Gomathy, Method Make a slit into eggplants, but not cutting them into half. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Once the paste, is ready the brinjals have to be cut and placed in salt water and I always suggesting cutting brinjals just before adding into the curry. So glad to know you all loved it. Set this aside. Add garam masala, coriander powder, turmeric and red chili powder. Thanks so much!! good ,thank you for cook.I like cooking.keep it up. Bagara baingan recipe – Hyderabadi style bagara baingan to serve as a side dish to biryani or bagara rice. Stir and serve bagara baingan with biryani, pulao or roti. The flavor of peanuts and sesame is more dominant in the gravy so coconut can be skipped. When they splutter, add onions, curry leaves and sprinkle salt. Pls check this similar recipe. Add coconut and stir in the hot pan. When they begin to splutter, switch off the stove. « South Indian Sambar Recipe For Rice|How To Make Sambar Recipe, Methi Gosht Recipe Hyderabadi, Indian Mutton and Fenugreek Leaves Recipe ». When the mixture begins to bubble up, add brinjals. It is also called as Nune vankaya kura in telugu. If you don’t have fresh coconut you can use dry coconut. Grind the coconut and the roasted coriander, cumin and sesame seeds together, using a little water if need be. Regards, Thank you so much! hot water and soak it. Your email address will not be published. Bagara Baingan tastes good with below biryani recipes: Bagare baingan is a wonderful dish made with brinjals/baingan/eggplant and is an amazing combo with rice  like  bagara rice or roti. These can be roasted and made into a paste separately or all the ingredients can be roasted individually, combined and made into a fine paste. Thank you. 8. Thank you so much dear!. I am a foodie but never liked cooking.. Whatever i have cooked is bcz of this website only… May u go long way… Love.. , Hi Tabassum, You made me happy!! Thank you, Thanks for the wonderful recipes. You can skip tamarind and squeeze some lemon juice before serving. ‘Salan’ is the word used for curry or sabzi and bagara baingan ka salan is the curry made with brinjals by giving tempering and adding masala paste to the brinjals. Cover and cook till the brinjal wilts off and are completely cooked. Read more.. Thanks much, The recipe was a hit! Stir and begin to cook on a medium flame. Dry roast peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds separately and allow it to cool. 10. Thanks for the comment. Serve bagara baingan with biryani, pulao, bagara rice or phulka. Blend them with little water till slightly coarse or smooth to suit your taste. For the spice mix take all the ingredients, … Clear and lucid instructions! Heat the oil and fry them. Remove eggplants from water and pat them dry, place in the pan and add a little salt. 1. Fry until the onions are lightly golden. This was very tasty. Baingan Bagara is served as a side dish with Hyderabadi Biryani or you can served it with plain steamed rice. They can be shallow fried or deep fried. mutton sukka chettinad, mutton chukka varuval, Double Ka Meetha Recipe, Hyderabadi bread ka meetha, biscuit cake in cooker, oreo cake in cooker, aloo cutlet recipe, aloo patties or potato cutlet. Cool these and blend with little water to a coarse or smooth paste as desired. Sorry, before I could check, I have accidentally deleted the other link you gave me where I can complain to Adsense. Firstly cut the brinjals into + form and put them in salt water. Hope this helps. When they begin to sizzle, add onions, curry leaves and sprinkle salt. To make the gravy taste nutty and delicious ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds and coconut are used. I was looking for chaat recipes on the blog and failed. i like recipes. This curry can also be served with pulao, roti, paratha. For best results follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips above the recipe card. Stir. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. Saute it in the hot pan till the coconut smells good. Baingan Bagara Recipe turns out very good and my husband who don’t like baingan much, just love it. You are welcome. The day I read your comment I was over excited and forgot to reply you. Close with a lid and shallow fry eggplants over medium heat until soft and the skin is slightly crisp. Hi Monika Make a fine masala paste of all the roasted ingredients which are peanuts, coconut, onions, sesame … Could also add poppy seeds to the peanut mixture. Tasty result ! Add coriander leaves. It takes in some of the masala ingredients such as coconut paste, peanut paste, onion paste, sesame paste. Thank u so much lafiya for your feedback…, Your email address will not be published. Add ginger garlic and saute well for few minutes. Brinjal curry or baigan ki sabji is not commonly liked by most of them but if made in the form of bagara baingan, one can never resist eating it as it is a very tasty vegetable curry. Gutti vankaya & bharwa baingan are the other variations of this dish. Thanks a ton for your comment. The content is copyrighted to SWASTHI'S and may not be reproduced in any form. But I’m exactly opposite to him. Thanks dear…today i made it and really turned delicious..tasted this first time, Welcome Monika Heat oil in a pan, brinjals can be deep fried or shallow fried. You made my day! I’m an editor & I’d like to use the image of bagara baingan from your blog in a school book I’m editing. Add the blended peanut mixture, red chili powder, garam masala and turmeric. The eggplants when simmered in thick tangy nut gravy, absorbs all the flavours and simply tastes delicious. There is no need of stuffing the brinjals/eggplant/baingan with the masala paste and the baingan can be added by frying them. Set these aside. Also what can I replace the tamarind with ? The bagara baingan cannot be called so without the masala paste and also the main part of the recipe is the tempering. Love the idea of poppy seeds. Dry roast peanuts till golden, add sesame seeds to the hot pan. Other curry related recipes both in veg and non veg are: The main ingredient in the hyderabadi bagara baingan recipe is the masala paste which is made of peanuts, coconut, roasted onions and sesame seeds. Could you please give me the link again. While the oil heats up, partially slit to 8 sections, leaving the stem intact. Wash baingan under running water. Retain 2 tsp oil in the pan and transfer the rest to a bowl. So I have added so many brinjal recipes on the blog. Almost after 25 days while checking the pending comments I find out I haven’t replied you. So happy to read your comment. When the gravy begins to bubble well, add the fried brinjals and stir. Cook the whole bagara baingan ka salan until the gravy thickens and oil appears. Add fenugreek seeds, dried red chillies, saute well, add curry leaves. I often make this recipe when I am bored of eating normal vegetable curries and yet want to try something interesting with the vegetables available and end up making this recipe which is very easy to make. At home, I cook with brinjals a lot. 12. Not sure how it’s going to taste with lesser peanuts. The review is not for this particular recipe but for your recipes overall posted on this site. You can also skip it. Add the brinjals/eggplant/baingan and fry them well until the color of the baingan changes. This is Asiya, a graduate in Engineering and Technology from Hyderabad,India with always a passion for cooking and trying different recipes and therefore started food blogging... yderabadi mutton biryani recipe dum style.