The technicians did amazing job! The guy from "Exclusive Repairs" did an awesome job at a fair price. The next day they came and for less then an hour they found and fixed the problem. Search by 12 NC Step 2 Add your detergent to the machine. Travelling is often due to an unlevel flooring surface. VERY PLEASED. Lift the lid of your Whirlpool washing machine, if you are using a top loading machine, to insert your laundry. This stacking process must only be completed using one of our genuine stacking kits. It is working properly now, thanks to you. The following steps should be used to reset your Whirlpool washing machine: * Turn off the washer. And your insured service comes with a six-month quality guarantee. My washing machine was leaking from everywhere. For more information or to request a service call at, Great company to deal with! Also for: Wwdc 7210, Awo/d 050/2, Awo/c 0714, Wwdc 6400, Awo/d 050/2, Awo/c 0714, 7410. If you are using liquid fabric softener or bleach, you can add that as well. The app sends you an alert when you need to add more detergent to the machine. Additional information will be provided by your manufacturer’s instruction manual. This is shown on the service sticker of your Whirlpool appliance e.g. Any shorted out electrical wires, the motor, or the drain pump will deactivate the machine. 7kg, 1400rpm, 6th SENSE Washing Machine with Clean +, White WWDC 7410. Cracked or split drain hoses, and ruptured pump hoses may also be causing water to leak from the appliance. Otherwise, open the door to insert the laundry. Used hoses must, • For models with hot fill: the hot water inlet, • Firmly connect the drain hose to the siphon, or, • If the washing machine is connected to an, integrated drainage system, ensure the latter is, equipped with a vent to avoid simultaneous. Intelligent sensors adapt according to the types and size of the load. The waste pipe hose will emit and odour if it becomes blocked. Whirlpool 6th Sense Washing Machine Troubleshooting. Whirlpool tumble dryers are designed to be fitted onto the top of some of our Whirlpool washing machines. WWDC 7410 washer pdf manual download. surface, preferably in a corner of the room. Washing Machines Cleaning products, washing nets, stacking kits and more. Received excellent service at a great price both times I have used them. I was in a really tough situation. • Do not operate the washing machine if it has, been damaged during transport. I am very satisfied with the service. © 2015 - 2020 Exclusive Repairs All Rights Reserved. Quick, clean work and good price. Inform the, • Mains cable replacement is only to be carried out, 6kg, 1400rpm, washing machine with supereco programme, white, wwdc 6400 (16 pages), Washing machine in white - 8kg, 1400rpm, green generation, 6th sense & detergent dosing recommendation wwdc 8420/1 (4 pages), Washing machine in white - 8kg, 1200rpm, green generation, 6th sense & detergent dosing recommendation wwdc 8220/1 (13 pages), Autosparkle-110v,apwh.w.pump(barba,curac) (21 pages), Whirlpool front-loading automatic washer use & care guide (40 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Washer Whirlpool WWDC 6400 Instructions For Use Manual, Washer Whirlpool AWOC 0714 Instructions For Use Manual, Washer Whirlpool AWOC 0714 Programme Chart, Washer Whirlpool WWDC 8420/1 Function Manual, Washer Whirlpool WWDC 8220/1 Installation Manual, Washer Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual, Washer Whirlpool WWDE 7512 Service Information, Washer WHIRLPOOL VAN GOGH WWD22ABBPH00 Service Manual, Washer Whirlpool WWBCM58E0A Parts & Service Manual, Washer Whirlpool Whirlpool Washer 3775 Parts & Service Manual, Washer Whirlpool duet Front-Load Washer Use And Care Manual. You can also search using the 12 digit number on the service sticker (this usually start with 85.....). Blockages in the waste pipe from food deposits or fat will affect the drainage. Job well done, no hidden costs. Or the drain hose may be positioned incorrectly. • In case of wooden or so-called "floating floors". machine is perfectly level (use a spirit level). Intelligent sensors adapt according to the types and size of the load. * Turn the mode dial to NORMAL. I was very impressed with the professionalism and attitude of the repair guy that came to fix my washing machine. Overloaded circuits will cause the fuse box trip switch to be activated. And the door lock which secures the washer door during operation can become defective and fail either electrically or mechanically. There may be water remaining in the washing machine after thorough factory testing of internal parts. on Friday, December 21st, 2018 at 11:21 am. The drain pump can also become obstructed. Friendly, correct and professional. • After their removal, cover the openings with the, • Remove the protective film from the control panel. WWDC 7410 washer pdf manual download. With the Whirlpool 6th Sense Supreme Care, you get clean clothes, delivered quickly and efficiently. Instructions for Use and Programme Chart. Whirlpool washing machine use & care guide tawm400a (25 pages) Washer Whirlpool TWO SPEED AUTOMATIC WASHERS Use & Care Manual. Whirlpool & Universal Wpro Accessories for Large Appliances Ovens, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washing Machines... Whirlpool & Universal Wpro Accessories for Large Appliances; Ovens Trays, cleaning products, shelves and more. View and Download Whirlpool WWDC 7410 instructions for use manual online. The user control and display board may need replacing. • Do not use extension leads or multiple sockets. 1 Explore our collection of smart ranges, wall ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers to … This entry was posted Very polite and knowledgeable staff! Particularly when trapped in detergent drawers or door seals. The manufacturer declines all liability for damage, to property or injury to persons or animals due to. ensured at all times via a double-pole switch. It is high tech, but not just for show. As will bent or blocked drain hoses. Overall, this is a superb washing machine. WWDC 9444. You’ll be able to make a short-notice booking. These can be triggered by an interruption in the cold-water supply. Knew his stuff, plesant, friendly and timely! 7kg, 1400rpm, 6th SENSE Washing Machine with Clean +, White WWDC 7410. The washing machine must be earthed by law. • Before any maintenance on the washing machine, • After installation, access to the mains plug or to. I am really happy that I don't have to buy a new washing machine. Contact After-Sales Service or, • Check that the accessories and supplied parts are. Strongly recommend them! The so-called 6th Sense Technology used on the Whirlpool washers comprises additional sensors capable of adapting resources according to specific load. Or the power cord itself may be faulty. I was very pleased with the engineer - he was friendly but professional and very determined - I would use them again. Quick on the phone... booked fast... engineers arrived and sorted the blocked dish washer quickly. 5 Stars. Our dishwasher had some problem, didn't want to start, so I decide to call them. In addition, the Precision Dispense tells you how much detergent to add to the dispenser and the washer automatically releases the proper amount for the cycle. Highly recommend this company! And savings of up to 50% can be made on water, time, and energy. Exclusive Repairs did a fantastic job repairing my washing machine. Technicians are experienced, trained, and qualified. Highly recommend this appliance experts! Opt-Out of the sale of personal information, 7kg, 1400rpm, 6th sense washing machine with clean +, white wwdc 7410, This washing machine is exclusively destined to wash, and spin machine washable laundry in quantities which, • Observe the instructions given in these Instructions, for Use and the Programme Chart when using the, • After unpacking, make sure that the washing, machine is undamaged. The main control panel may be at fault, but this is quite unlikely. Does a washing machine have a reset button? non-compliance with the directions given above. The inlet port attaches to a hose that allows water to drain from the tub into the pump. Or the timer may be defective. Whirlpool washing machine user & care guide tedx640e teds680e (20 pages) Washer Whirlpool TAWM400A Use & Care Manual. If this isn’t the case there may be a problem with a damaged drain pump, a worn drum seal, or the bearing kit. Poor drainage will cause dirty water to become stagnant in the machine.