First of all, there are so many of them, including prepositions of time, place and movement. Here is one idea for a game that English teachers can use to teach prepositions of place. Teaching prepositions of time, place and movement, for instance, at different times, will enable learners to build up their knowledge of prepositions slowly and steadily. Thankfully, though it can be tricky, teaching prepositions doesn’t have to be dull and boring. You might like to do a few controlled practice exercises to ensure your students really understand the usage of the prepositions. Because of this, lessons which teach prepositions of place can be engaging and interesting. Hopefully, these activities will help you when you need to prepositions of place to your learners. Then the prepositions are presented and practiced. They allow us to show relationships between things. Finally, if they are taught all at the same time their meanings can become confused. The book is under the chair. For example, if you use a ball and a table, you can show the students the ball on the table, under the table, next to the table and so on. Engage learners in physical movement. Teaching English Online & 1:1 Top-up Course, Country Guides (World TEFL Factbook 2020), How to Use Authentic Materials with Lower Level EFL Classes, What to Expect on Your First Day Teaching English Abroad. This lesson includes a PowerPoint PDF on prepositions of place that introduces students to 9 prepositions of place and includes a practice activity for Zoom breakout rooms. Thank you. The students must carry out the command. Often this is because they are Young Learners. 'Put a book on the chair.' Required fields are marked *, Be the first to get exclusive TEFL offers and information. Criteria for a good writing topic (Teaching Writing Tips), What is Grammar? While there are ways and means to teach all the different kinds of prepositions effectively, we can’t talk about all of them in one blog post or we’ll be here til next Sunday. All you need is an object. Using ESL songs in the classroom can be an incredibly effective way to … This can be anything but it’s usually better if it’s a small object. All Rights reserved. This activity will ensure comprehension. You can then put this object in different positions relative to another, bigger object. Preposition of Place Song. Doing so will be much more effective than, say, trying to teach every use of 'in' at the same time. Having said that, for adult learners, Simon Says or the Preposition Race may not be appropriate, but the others certainly are. a very good lesson plan. As usual, we only include game ideas that require no more than a whiteboard, markers and a dice. This is because prepositions of place are taught to learners who are still at a low level. Learn how your comment data is processed. OMG!! Divide the students into teams. Required fields are marked *. Teaching Productive Skills | Speaking and Writing. The vocabulary you introduce may depend on the units covered in your textbook. With prepositions of place it makes sense that we do this in a very physical/visual way. So today we’re going to focus on how to teach prepositions of place. But first things first. Prepositions are probably one of the trickiest areas of English grammar, and yet there is little systematic study of prepositions in major coursebooks. Your email address will not be published. What is the difference between prescriptive, descriptive and pedagogic grammar? Once they have finished, in pairs they must describe their picture to their partners who must then try to draw the exact same picture. Students use questions containing prepositions to identify an item in the room that their classmate is thinking of. Introduction. There are so many parts of speech English language learners need to get to grips with, and prepositions are a tricky one. Most important of all, they need to be fun and interactive so that your students don’t fall asleep in your lesson! Each preposition is presented has with explanations of proper use and examples to help with understanding. Your learners don’t have to be Picasso to draw in the classroom – and neither do you, for that matter! Last modified June 4, 2012. Now that schools are going online more than ever before, it’s time to get creative in the virtual classroom.If you teach beginning or pre-intermediate English, this free Zoom lesson is for you!.