Make sure to place the belt in the correct direction. Hold sander in hand and push front wheel towards back wheel. I... "Starter sets" needed: Blades, sanding discs and belts. Look to see if the brush or spring is worn. Hi, Your post is old, so don't know if this will reach you. After installing the new belt, use a screwdriver to snap the roller back into position. Just as your sanding belt will wear with use, so will the motor drive belt. Change a Belt on a Belt Sander Belt sanders are harder to control than other sanders, and changing the sandpaper belt can be tricky if you aren't used to the tool. How to replace belt on a Craftsman belt sander Model number 315.11751. You may freely link These changes are easy to do and inexpensive. A belt sander that has a motor humming, but no belt turning, may have a defective or broken drive belt. I'm not generally interested in anything refurbished but am starting to con... Rabbit Control: How to Prevent Rabbits from Eating Fruit Trees. problems contact Some belt sanders, when maintained properly, sand on indefinitely. 2 Advantages to Using a Variable-Speed B... 2 Advantages to Using a Variable-Speed Belt Sander. The Craftsman 2 X 42-inch belt sander is a very good general purpose belt sander. Many older models of belt sanders were made with sturdy metal parts--including housings and gear train boxes. The best thing to do is to open the gear train box, clean out the old packed grease, replacing it with normal bearing grease found at your local auto parts supply store. If you have heard the old adage, “They don’t make them like the used to.” you will know that in many cases this is quite true. View our Privacy Policy here. Page 2 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CR_AFTSMAN B_.LT SANDER If this Craftsman Belt Sander fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of pur- chase RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES and Sears will repair it, free of charge. You may have to track belt. Some belt sanders, when maintained properly, sand on indefinitely. Many older models of belt sanders were made with sturdy metal parts--including housings and gear train boxes. How To Replace Belt On Craftsman Belt/Disc Sander: This Craftsmen Sander is an older one but works great, 4 X 6-in. Refurbishing an old belt sander may be an alternative to purchasing a new one. submitted to our " Community Forums". Two areas that can give an old belt sander new life are the motor brushes and the gear train box. Regular maintenance and cleaning are proper prevention methods to keep your refurbished sander working like a charm for many years to come. The Belt and Disc Sander, model 113.225801 that I bought has an issue with tracking the sanding belt. Use of any other parts may create a HAZARD or cause product damage. An overly tightened drive belt may cause the sander to make noises and make the motor run harder--and hotter. You can open the driver belt housing with a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the tension either by tightening or loosening the pulley set screws and making a hand adjustment to the tension. Website operating Hello all! As you can see in the picture there are arrows on the inside of the belt. Copyright© There should be a clearly marked arrow on your sander as well. The brushes are located on the motor housing, usually behind a metal screw-in cover no larger than the size of a dime.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent SANDER MODEL Nee 137.215360 When servicing use only CRAFTSMAN replacement parts. Push the front roller against a hard surface -- such as a workbench -- when relieving pressure on the belt to change it. If you have heard the old adage, “They don’t make them like the used to.” you will know that in many cases this is quite true. The other area to check is the gear train box. home improvement and repair website. Push down on front belt roller till you hear a click. Be sure that you have the correct size (length and width) for your sander type. Refurbishing an old belt sander may be an alternative to purchasing a new one. This can produce both an oily smell as well as make the motor run hot. If the belt sander has been maintained well all its life, it may have had several brush changes throughout the years. suggestions. Always clean your sander after each use to make sure dirt, dust and other debris do not remain in or on the tool. You will know it's time to change the belt when you can run your palm across the sandpaper (with the sander off, of course) and feel little resistance from the sandpaper. Replace if necessary. Title says it all. Similar to a vacuum cleaner drive belt or even an automobile fan belt, the item will wear with use. I have started the process of refurbishing my deck. However, older models that have been running for some time may experience the heavy-duty grease breaking down, separating the heavier liquid from the oil. If you can purchase an old reliable belt sander at bargain prices--or if you inherit one--try these refurbishing tips to restore it to new glory and a longer life. The front roller wheel will lock as it is pushed towards the rear wheel. Older model Craftsman belt sanders do not have a tensioning lever. Older sanders that are driven by a drive belt need to have the belts examined. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. We welcome your comments and Next, place new belt into sander. Belt and Disc Sander, very easy to change the belt. This model has two 1/2 inch screws on either side of the belt to adjust tensioning, and two additional 1/2 inch screws to lock that tension in place. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Change belt and then use a large screw driver and pry just below the name plate. A drive belt that is too loose may cause the sanding belt to jump and skip. All information is provided "AS IS." I'm a retired lady who needs to sand a door, so my son-in-law helped me buy a Craftsman 3" belt sander, Model No. Change the belt Match the arrows of the belt and your sander in the same direction before installing the belt. How To Replace Belt On Craftsman Belt/Disc Sander - YouTube Track the belt on these sanders in the same way as the newer models. My bearings were fine….But I read a lot of the tips offered up about belt tracking. With its 1/2 HP motor it can handle most light duty work in the shop, including grinding lathe tools for … Two keys to getting an old sander like this to track nicely 1) good bearings in the idler pulley, and 2) proper crown on the idler pulley. Normally, manufacturers will claim that the gear train box is factory lubricated so there is no need for any maintenance. Additionally, although the drive belt may be in good condition, tension is crucial for proper operation. Remember, arrow on belt goes in direction of the way the wheels turn. These old Craftsman machines have a bad rep for the tracking adjustment setup….can’t argue with that gripe. Hello there I'm a woodworker starting to use metal in some of my designs. Sometimes, they are spring loaded--so be careful when removing the cover. This will snap the roller back in place. The craftsman belt sander I have uses the following proceedure to change the belt. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. This will prevent your belt from breaking. All rights reserved.