Follow the same process as in Step #2. It was easy. I figured it was time to spice it up a little bit and refinish it. If you have a rocking chair in need of refinishing, it probably still has varnish on it that … on Oct 6, 2018. This chair was very beat up so I needed smooth out the wood and sand down the chair to the wood grain. Keep in mind that you can’t really wash the polyurethane out of the brushes, you’ll basically be throwing those away after you’re done. It will look better. Apply the Stripper. Answer + 4. Bentwood Rocking Chair Repair. 5 years ago I was able to find a … Prepare the Rocking Chair. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Tips to successfully move your kids to the basement, Print your FREE daily gratitude chart (for all ages), How to winterize your RV in three easy steps, 40+ creative ways to announce your pregnancy, Sooooo easy Butter Cookie Christmas gift (with tag! All that work will have been for nothing. You’ve got to put on second coat. ). Refinish an Antique Rocking Chair Step 1: Plan of Action. How to refinish rocking chair? An added bonus to painting a rocking chair with a paint sprayer is – no brush strokes!. Don’t. You’ll be tempted to skip this step. Related article: Funny DIY felt love notes. Ha ha. Use a small paint brush to paint the areas that you can’t get to with the roller. This would take three times the amount of time with a brush. My husband scored an old great quality wood rocking chair from the dump that needs to be sanded down & painted. Since I’m not a seamstress, click here for a tutorial on how to make your very own cushion for your newly refinished rocking chair. Just take your time to make it look right. Related Tutorials You May Enjoy..... How To Create a smooth finish on Furniture. Make sure you paint the rocking chair with a small foam roller on as many surfaces as possible. If you have access to an electric sander, I would highly recommend using it just because it’s A LOT faster. Spray Finishing Furniture With Lacquer. Try to use a foam roller or a foam brush for the polyurethane. Sorry for the dark pictures, I had to paint at night when my kids were in bed. It’s worth it to pay for a higher-quality brand. Apply New Finish. Refinish a Rocking Chair for the Nursury: I recently stumbled across the folder that I thought lost on refinishing an antique rocking chair for my daughter. I’ve had an old rocking chair sitting around my house for years. Stain (2 coats are the best) 4. Sand Until Smooth. If you stop after step #3, the paint will start chipping off your rocking chair almost immediately. Sand down the original finish. You can wrap your brushes in a plastic grocery bag however for a few days so you can use them for the second coat as well. Start from the smaller numbers and move to the highest number on sand paper. Make sure you LIGHTLY sand after the polyurethane has dried. I chose Frosty Glade for my color since I thought it would look nice in my baby’s room, but you could pick any color you want. Hopefully something will pique your interest. Take a gander at my hodgepodge of mom ideas and parenting tips. How to Refinish Furniture Without Stripping Or Sanding. After that, LIGHTLY sand the rocking chair to get out any bumps or bubbles. Leave your comments below. Helpful. This is the last step! Yay! Here’s how to do it: Before you get started, just get the idea in your head that this isn’t a project that you’ll finish all in one day. No questions asked. How to Refinish an Old Wicker Rocking Chair. Thanks for visiting my blog! Not shown in the video above is that the painted wooden rocking chair is lightly sanded in between coats for a smooth finish. How to Refinish a Rocking Chair. Repairing Cane-Backed Chairs. It will save you steps and look fabulous. 7 answers Nan W. on Oct 6, 2018. Best Way To Refinish A Rocking Chair In order to refinish a rocking chair, the user needs to follow the below-given steps: Prepare: Begin the process by preparing the rocking chair, in case the rocking chair has bolts or the brackets, if possible remove them, in case the chair is firmly made and parts cannot be removed then use the painters tape to cover the areas where paint is not required. 2. Answered . Step 2: Structural Repair. Joy30150932. How to Redo Seat Cushions With Webbing . Follow the process in Step #4 and you’re done!! I bought a less-expensive brand once on a dresser that I was refinishing and it left a yellow hue to the entire dresser. Any ideas as I will try to do this myself. With a little sandpaper, paint and love, my ho-hum rocking chair became a work of art. Polyurethane to protect. You’ll be tempted to skip this step. Remove the Old Finish. Enjoy! Reply. I use 220 grit sand paper. If the finish on your rocking chair becomes worn or scratched, you might want to refinish it rather than replacing it. Margie: This paint is $, but a little goes a long way --- and no prep! It’s your project! She is now 1 yr old, and I have spent many a night rocking her in her nursery, as has her mother. It’s very fine sand paper. I love documenting my chaotic life as I navigate motherhood one day at a time. The paint sprayer makes painting rocking chair spindles so much easier and faster. I used MinWax Clear Satin Polyurethane. What other pieces of furniture have you refinished? Rub down with steel wool (smoother finish) 3. I’m a mom to four silly squirts and wife to one big squirt. Stripping. Buy a can of paint and primer in one. It will allow for a smoother surface for your paint to adhere to. 1: Sand your rocking chair. Wipe your rocking chair down with a damp towel to make sure all the dust is gone. Professional restorer Rodney Keyser demonstrates this "How to" tutorial on a unique technique we use on an antique wardrobe to beautifully refinish it without stripping or sanding in under an hour. It will come out looking smoother without many brush strokes. It looked awful. Distressing a Painted Rocking Chair. Polyurethane will provide a glossy, smooth finish and prevent chipping. It will allow for a smoother surface … To refinish most wooden furniture you take the following steps: 1. However, you’ll still have to sand the little nooks and crannies by hand. Then let it dry completely.