If you have the C clamp in the track of your garage door, it won’t be able to open if the burglar has the keys, or the remote to open the door. On top of that, they came within time window and I could tell that they try hard to come…, Breaking In With A Coat Hanger And 6 Seconds, How To Lock Garage Door and Keep Burglars Out. 1 x piece of wood - a 1' piece of 2x3 should work well. The nearest interstate was about an hour away, and the nearest "big city" was an hour and a half. The basic parts are: Inside the garage, you should see the garage door rails on either side of the door. The sliding bolt should automatically spring open. Put the bolt ends through the holes in the garage door rail. So now you know how to lock your garage door securely. If no holes are present, you can drill some using a hand drill and a … If you didn't line the holes up perfectly, you might not be able to tighten one of the nuts completely. The Beauty of Decorative Garage Door Hardware, Use a padlock to lock the garage door from the inside, Use a zip tie to secure the garage door in place, Install motion sensor lights near the garage door. Even if the door is locked, that won’t stop some people trying the push and probe method to get in. Your email address will not be published. And of course, there are people who drive around with ‘code grabbers’, trying to get the codes for peoples’ garage doors so they can come back later and try and gain access. The second set of nuts can then be hand tightened to hold the lock onto the rail. You can also use the operating lever. There were more burglaries reported in California than any other state in the country, according to FBI. Using a few random pieces I found laying around, I put together a lock that can be installed and removed quickly and easily. To help you get started, we gathered a few tips and strongly encourage you to take the time to implement at least one this holiday season. It also may be worth looking into a newer garage door opener, as they have rolling codes that are next to impossible to grab. You’re much better off using a manual method, such as the ones listed above, to keep your garage door locked. An experienced burglar can break into the garage using a simple wire coat hanger. With these tips, you’ll be able to securely lock your garage door every time you use it, keeping your garage and your home safe. Pulling the lever releases the door and allows the burglar to open the door manually. The door rollers move up these rails. To lock it, push out the sliding bolt. 176,690 burglaries were reported in California in 2017, many of which occurred during the holiday season. Here’s how you can keep that garage secure. There will be holes in the vertical track that can be used with a simple padlock. There will likely be a bunch of random holes in various places in the rail. You might want to ream the hole out a bit... it might help later on. Hopefully, this will keep those pesky overgrown raccoons from sneaking into the barn... As mentioned, I built this lock using random things I found in the shop. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to secure your garage door and prevent burglars from gaining access to your home. Needless to say, theft and break-ins were not what kept us awake at night.However, there was recently a string of car break-ins in my mom's little "neighborhood" (you have to be from the country to understand a country neighborhood) that prompted me to fix this up for her. As an additional security measure, you can padlock the track, so the door can’t open unless you’ve taken that padlock off first. Did you make this project? Very often I find the door’s manual locking mechanism still functional—-sometimes locked when I am about to test it. I grew up pretty isolated from what the majority of the population considers normal. This disengages the electric drive from the door and you can manually open and close it. It also may be worth looking into a newer garage door opener, as they have rolling codes that are next to impossible to grab. Most contemporary garage door openers have security measures built-in, including automatic locking and scheduled times of operation. The garage door is one of the least secure points of the house, making it one of the most popular targets for burglars. About: Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Being Me!