A side lock for garage doors lets you lock the garage door from the inside. Open a Locked Garage Door from the Outside. Also known as slide bolts or locking side latches. This will also help better insulate your home in the colder months. To be able to lock and unlock your garage door from the outside, you need to install three products: A side lock (SK7115), to lock the garage. Your garage door may not have an area for the latch to slide into. There’s one way around the same. The side lock will need to be installed on the garage door using … How to lock and unlock a garage door from outside? The lock slides the latch into the garage door vertical track and locks the garage door. Lock it behind you, and make sure it’s connected to your home alarm system. Try to open … An exterior handle (SKL9201 or SKT9303), to lock the sliding bolt from the outside. To protect the rest of your home in the event that someone does access your garage, treat the door from the garage to the house like any other exterior door. Install a secure keyless deadbolt and don’t make a habit of leaving this door open or unlocked. There are hardly any ways in which you can activate your garage door. This lock attaches to the inside of the garage door. Jamming the garage door opener means that are locked out of your garage door. Most garage doors have a square knockout that can be removed. When you find yourself pressing the buttons of your garage door to open the same, yet nothing is working, chances are you have lost access to your garage door. A lock cylinder , to unlock the sliding bolt from the outside.