I do not have a lid that fits this pan perfectly, so I improvised. If you are unsure about whether your bratwurst is cooked or not, use a meat thermometer! I love this part because I can do other things in the kitchen without worrying about it. How to tell whether or not the brats are done without a thermometer. This is when pork is safe to eat. Pork sausages seem somewhat more forgiving in this regard, but turkey or chicken really gets destroyed. To be safe, the internal temperature of the sausages should be around 160 degrees F. If you do not want to use a cast iron skillet or broiling pan, you can wrap each individual sausage in aluminum foil . If you do not have a thermometer, take the knife test. Factors will include size of brat, as well as ingredients, but most brats are done around the 2 hour mark. Without question, the most reliable way to tell if your meat, poultry, or fish is done is to acquire a good thermometer (I'm a big fan of instant-read digital thermometers: they read faster and are infinitely more reliable) and make sure you follow the internal temperature recommendations. Take the knife out and touch the tip to your tongue for a few seconds. You will know the brat is done when it’s warm to the touch. However, a good fitting lid is definitely better. Your meat will only really be ready to eat once the internal temperature has reached 160°F. If it feels really hot then the meat is cooked well. After the brat is cooked , maintain a temp not higher than 190°F to keep warm. Recipes always say to cook to 160/165°F, but if I use a probe thermometer to test, the tested sausage leaks out all its moisture and ends up as a dry, shriveled husk. If you feel like it, check out the internal temperature by sticking a meat thermometer into the open end of the bratwurst. To do this, you will need to stick a knife at the center of the meat and count till 8. Cooking a bratwurst requires thorough cooking at higher temperatures ; cook to an internal temperature of 152°F which means 290°F while cooking the brat. Pork and beef bratwurst only need approximately 2 hours to smoke. What temperature do you cook bratwurst to?