Really. Quantum Computer. Question. Posted by 12 days ago. Blueprint … 100% Upvoted. The Blue Prints for the Quantum Computer and Magnetic Resonator have ruined this game for me. hide. report. Used in the creation of a wide range of advanced technologies. 1 Summary 2 Game description 3 Source 4 Use 5 Release history 6 Gallery Magnetic Resonator is a component that is used for crafting. I’m not far into my journey in finding the magnetic resonator (only checked one space station before I had to get off last night), but I saw this downvoted and had to say something. Data within a quantum computer is typically stored as quantum bits or qubits.Like a classical bit, a qubit has two states 0 and 1 but, unlike a classical bit, a qubit may be in a superposition of the two states, being in … Close. Quantum computers have been proven in theory – now it’s time to get building. Magnetic Resonator is a component. Sidebar: Approaches to Quantum Information Processing. Quantum Computer. Of all the things to make hard to get.....a survey computer? share. Question. That’s the idea behind the University of Sussex’s efforts to lay out a blueprint to create a machine. Why did this get downvoted, that’s fucking stupid. There’s no blueprint to make, so surely we have to buy them, but I can’t find a space station that has it in their selling inventory. save. 6 comments. Where do we get these? Hopefully it stops giving you … An electromagnetic frequency oscillator, able to function in a wide-range of conditions thanks to both ferrous and non-ferrous magnetic properties. 1.