Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different. We’ll discuss in this article about the benefits of jaggery and if it is good to eat for weight loss. Once the changes is done, click on the “Save Changes” option to save the changes. Now we will talk about Weight Loss with Jaggery. Depending on different recipes, below is the appropriate about of jaggery you should eat in a day. Many scientific studies reveal that eating jaggery regularly helps in preventing many respiratory issues including asthma and bronchitis. At the same time, it cleanses the blood and flushes out the toxins from body. Therefore, to maintain a little sweetness in life, jaggery can be a better replacement for sugar. My Personal Experience. Jaggery facilitates easy digestion of food as it has high nutrient content. – My Personal Experience, Diet or Exercise for weight loss – My Personal Experience. A. Jaggery has a better nutrition profile than sugar, but it is still high in calories and is best consumed in moderation. NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. You can view my Weight Loss Diet and Journey here.”. In ayurveda, jaggery has been used since ages to help treat a wide range of health problems including anxiety, migraines, indigestion, cold, flu and fatigue. It is best to eat jaggery candies to prevent certain respiratory diseases. Consuming Jaggery. Put the sesame seeds and roast for a while. Try Out These 6 Exercises, Fenugreek Seeds And Fenugreek Water For Good Health- All You Need To Know, Emmy 2020 Nominated Actor Arjun Mathur Impresses With His Draped Bandhgala Set! Sugar is strictly prohibited by the dieticians and doctors to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight, because it is the main reason being many critical health issues including heart diseases. Besides, jaggery contains potassium and can control water retention in the body. Jaggery is a concentrated product of cane juice called gur in … It is true that jaggery is good for weight loss, but you must consume it the right way to shed some weight. Being a low-calorie substitute when compared to sugar, jaggery is packed with several health benefits, including promoting a healthy weight loss. Cleanses the body: Jaggery being an excellent detoxifier effectively cleanses the whole body, especially the lungs, respiratory tract, stomach, intestines and food pipe. What Is The Sonoma Diet? Efficient metabolism has always been an important factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. We’ll also discuss about the possible side effects of consuming too much jaggery. Jaggery is rich in phytochemicals for improving digestion. Does It Work For Weight Loss? Important Note: Jaggery should be consumed only in controlled amounts, thus not reversing its effects on weight reduction. Jaggery is packed with antioxidants, especially selenium that aids in preventing the adverse effects of free radicals on your body [6]. Cottage Cheese Chaat with Chutney. Weight loss: Jaggery is a good source of minerals, including potassium, which helps improve metabolism and maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Let’s find out how to make jaggery water. If you are a diabetic or looking at consuming … Being rich in magnesium, it strengthens your intestines and keeps them healthy. Your jaggery tea is ready to be filtered. In a day the amount should not exceed 25 gm if you are a normal human without any sugar problem.If required it should be between 10 to 15 gram is better. Warm lemon water mixed with jaggery is an excellent homemade tonic for burning fat to speed up the weight loss process. A pop up will open with all listed sites, select the option “ALLOW“, for the respective site under the status head to allow the notification. Jaggery contains some vital minerals as compared to sugar. You will need following ingredients to make jaggery water: This drink can be very refreshing and energetic especially in summers. Weight Loss Tip: How to Use Jaggery (Gur or Gud) to Lose Weight. Does It Help Lose Weight? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Soak basil seeds in water for 15 minutes. Water Retention In Body: Jaggery has storehouse of essential minerals including potassium. Jaggery candy is people’s favorite recipe made out of jaggery, especially in winters. It is absolutely fine to eat dessert once in a while on a festive occasion, however, the problem arises when we start to have it on a regular basis to fulfil our craving. Now, let's get to know the different ways through which you can use jaggery to aid your weight loss journey. Jaggery tea is not much popular but it’s one of the healthiest beverages consumed in India. Put the peanuts in it and pour the mixture into a greased plate. Do not consume it in large amounts that will not offer any benefits. Make yourself a drink with jaggery, water and lemon. Let’s see how to make it. Lemon, an essential citrus fruit, is loaded with vitamins and minerals that aid in fat loss. So, we have seen that the high amounts of antioxidants and minerals in jaggery helps you reduce body weight. If you want to overcome obesity, you can drink this “Gur ki chai” regularly and see the effect. Jaggery is commonly made from sugar cane and sometimes date palm is also used for its production. A. Jaggery, but it is still high in calories and should be consumed only in moderation. Not only that, it also helps in flushing out the excess toxins from the body and purifying the blood.