Wooden furniture is either raw, untouched wood, or wood coated with stain or varnish. Don’t mess up your carpet or flooring. We have more helpful tips like this. As you are cleaning, wipe the liquid with the grain of the wood and take caution not to soak the wood. Avoid using strong detergents and cleaners to clean wooden chair, it can possibly damage the shine of wood. You can’t always eliminate them from your life, but you can take steps to keep them away from your furniture. Steer away from abrasive soaps that help liquid seep into the wood causing it to swell. Use a clean cloth to wipe the soapy mixture onto the surfaces of your furniture, cleaning off any dirt. Now you may restore the chair’s shine by applying beeswax or paste wax and buffing the chair with a clean cloth. When yours starts to look a little shabby, don’t throw it out. This may seem like a simple step. Here are the best ways to clean wooden chairs: Use oil-based cleaner to clean the chair. Depending on the style of your chair, in addition to care of wood surfaces, you may need to consider cleaning processes appropriate to other materials, such a straw and upholstery. That depends on what it’s made of. All Rights Reserved. Check out our home guide for great hacks to use around the house. Outdoor rocking chairs are delicate pieces of furniture, and these aggressive techniques will just wreak havoc on them in the long run. Then use a vacuum hose with a brush attachment to vacuum up any particles remaining on the underside of the seat. If using the vinegar mixture, then dip a sponge into the solution and wring it out before using it to clean the chair. Bear in mind, though, with wood-oil soaps it is best not to allow them to sit on the wood surface for too long. It also helps consolidate memories while sleeping. Your rocking chair may retain its appearance for years to come with proper care. Take care to wash in between all the slats, under the arms, the back, seat, and on and around the legs and rockers. Continous swaying back and forth helps people fall into a deep sleep. Dirt and lint gather there because it’s not a spot on the chair where people think of dusting. This Is How to Clean an Old Wood Rocking Chair. Apply bleach mixture to furniture with a clean … How to Clean Your Wood Furniture: Store-bought solutions aren’t necessary for cleaning your favorite rocking chair or that antique end table, try natural cleaners instead. You need room and space to do it. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Many of the things we take for granted are also damaging to solid wood furniture. Mexican Mom-Entrepreneurs’ Business Thriving in the USA and Other Countries, Inspiring Others, It’s More Than A T-Shirt…This Is A Movement For Our Always Essential Heroes. Check out these awesome tips to learn more. Formula 2: Prepare a solution of 20 percent ammonia to 80 percent water, adding ½ teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent. Use a towel to dry off any excess water, then leave the chair to air-dry the rest of the way, preferably in direct sunlight. Make sure it’s not too wet. You may need an additional towel, depending on how well you wet the chair. You can use common mineral oil or even vegetable oil to clean it. Wipe the chair thoroughly to remove any remaining dust and dirt. Leave the chair to dry for another 24 hours. Add a drop of liquid dish soap to a water-moistened cotton ball. Avoid harsh chemicals. Alternately, and also for removal of minor stains, you can make a homemade cleaning agent of ¼ cup of warm water, ¼ cup of vinegar, ½ teaspoon of liquid detergent (mild), and a few drops of olive oil.