Liquid foundation is one of the ficklest products to apply. Not only is its basic application a chore, but even after you feel like you have a routine down, the smallest hiccup — anything from product buildup on your brush to a stray brush stroke — can throw off your entire look for the rest of the day. These best foundation brushes will up your makeup game in just a few swipes. In an attempt to avoid unwanted oils on our skin—i.e., using our fingers to apply—we turned to Pati Dubroff, blush-wielder for Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Natalie Portman—to name a few—to guide us in the best brushes and techniques for expert cream and liquid foundation application. It allows you to apply the foundation to your skin and blend it in with ease. The best foundation brush can make a big difference in the way your foundation looks. The flat top kabuki brush will be your saving grace. How to apply liquid foundation. The combination of … Would you like one? Fenty’s foundation brush is shaped like a paw so that you can apply liquid foundation with the full coverage of a paddle brush and with the blending abilities of an airbrush. YouTube. Many makeup artists use one or more foundation brushes to apply makeup directly to the faces of models, actors, and so forth. THIS IS WHY! Do you have a favorite foundation brush? Every wonder why you cannot get a foundation brush to work? Then, use the kabuki brush in upward, outward, and circular motions. 4. Whether you wear a more natural look, want to rock airbrushed vibes, or use every kind of foundation (liquid, cream, or powder), there’s a brush for every person and need. Ever. Flat Brush. A foundation brush is a makeup brush that is specifically designed to help you apply foundation. Known to pair well with everything from liquid foundations to face powders, this multifunctional tool takes makeup application to the next level. However, from synthetic bristles to bamboo handle to dome-shaped tops, there are tons of options out there and knowing which one to choose is not always easy. Thousands of Amazon users agree: This flat-topped kabuki brush is the optimal application tool for liquid foundation. First, use your fingers to apply the liquid foundation all over your face. 2.