You can undertake a quick exploration of the CPU and learn a trove of valuable information about this Q.6 How many parts are consists in a computer for information processing cycle? Parts of a computer This page adds "extra" information about some of the computer parts we've studied. The 4 main parts of a computer are Processor, Main Board, Memory and Video. Let us learn about a few storage devices. A: Only one part B: Two parts C: Three Parts D: Four Parts Answer Four Parts (Input, Processing, Output, Storage) Q.7 Which among the B: DVD Knowing how critical the CPU is, many individuals are interested in learning more about the individual parts of the CPU itself. The power supply. The parts of a computer which are used for storing data are called. *Computer is an electronic device which takes input from a user in a form of data and instruction and then processes the … Optimize by overclocking, by getting the right Parts for your specific purposes, be it Gaming, 3D Rendering, Modeling, Graphic Design, Video Editing or so many other purposes you can use a Computer … Click here to see the lists of definitions you need. The most important part which I’m explaining below are the ones without which a computer cannot function at all, I’m referring them as main types of computer hardware. Computer hardware can be divided into two parts. A term you want not listed? Storing data are called storage devices. Parts Of A Personal Computer (PC) COMPUTER *Computer is an electronic device that accepts data as input, process it and produces output. I'd go so far as to add a 5th.. They help in storing any work done on a computer permanently.