I want you to make GREAT money from real estate, in a way that helps people, doesn't require a lot of risk and leaves plenty of space for you to live your life. 085: How The Modern Rules Of House Wholesaling Have Changed. Typically, the septic permit dovetails into the building permit. 4. Please add REtipster.com to your Ad Blocker white list, to receive full access to website functionality. A Perc Test (also known as “Perk Test”, and more formally known as a Percolation Test), is a soil evaluation that tests the rate at which water drains through the soil. You'll want to convert each result to minutes per inch, which you do by dividing the number of minutes it took for the water level to drop 6 inches. This is what the “unscientific” approach looks like…. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The typical size of a drain field is determined by the expected volume of waste water to be discharged from the septic system (which is usually estimated based on the size of the proposed building). It's a good idea to line each hole with mesh to prevent soil from falling off the sides of the hole into the bottom. If, on the other hand, the soil has a high clay content and drains too slowly, raw sewage water will remain near the surface and could form pools. Q: Can you tell me the best way to find a professional to do a perc test? Of course! The soil boring helps the surveyor determine this depth. Perc testing companies help make sure your potential property is right for the construction project you have in mind. If you are about to buy a plot of land, find a local perc test company that can make sure it's viable. Who is allowed to perform the test? Just in the counties I’ve worked, each one has had notably different standards in terms of: Even though the same fundamental concepts apply almost everywhere, the specific procedures required in one county can be very different from the procedures of another – so it’s important to be sure the test is being done in accordance with the rules and authorities in your area. Keep in mind that if it takes longer than 6 hours for the water level to drop by this much in any hole, the site isn't suitable for a septic drain field, so you can stop the test right there. The Fastest Way to Research Any Property in the United States. That being said, if you’re willing to tolerate some risk in the equation, there are other clues you can look for that will give you a halfway decent idea as to whether or not you need to worry about this. Perc tests are required in just about every civilized municipality in the world – because the results of this test provide crucial information needed to design and install a septic system. In my experience… I’ve found that even though most county health departments adhere to the same general principles of how a perc test works, many of them handle certain aspects of the process quite differently. 090: J Scott Explains Where the Real Estate Industry Has Been and Where It’s Going, Widely Accepted “Facts” About Real Estate Investing That Are Actually Myths, 089: How Anton Ivanov Built a 40-Unit Rental Portfolio and $12K Per Month, A Map of Every Non-Disclosure State in the U.S. – And How Real Estate Investors Can Deal With Them, 088: A Seamless Solution for Buying and Selling Real Estate Notes, 087: Our Favorite Real Estate Influencers, How I Win Negotiations (By Avoiding Them Altogether), How to Invest in Real Estate With Little Money (Yes, It Is Possible). Moreover, you should never conduct a perk test in frozen or frosty soil. The peace of mind can go a long way! The elevation of the site, its location with respect to waterways and the slope of the land all enter into the equations. We promise you will find ample value from our website. In areas where smaller holes are required, the size and number of holes, the depth to which you cover the bottom with gravel, and the amount of time you allow the soil to soak up water – all are governed by local ordinance. A DIYer by nature, Deziel regularly shares tips and tricks for a better home and garden at such sites as Hunker.com, SFGate and HomeSteady. Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know. You can use a long ruler, but if you want to be more accurate, attach a small hollow ball to a string to use as a float. If these first steps fail, it may be worth considering a. Dig a hole 2 feet deep where you plan to locate the septic tank. Contact the building department or the environmental health department in your local area to find out the process for obtaining a septic permit, as each jurisdiction can have a slightly different method and process. For example, suppose you record the following percolation rates: The average percolation rate is 30 min/in, which is significantly higher than the lowest rate, which you would have to report if you dug only two holes. Find Out In 2 Minutes Or Less! The contaminants expelled from this waste water is then trapped and eliminated in the soil. Images: wikipedia, co.thurston.wa.us, Ohio State University Extension. Due Diligence, Land Investing, Seth's Toolbox, Video Tutorials. Most jurisdictions require more than one hole with a minimum spacing between them. An official perc test that meets all local requirements for a septic or drainage system permit can cost $100-$1,000 or more depending on site size and conditions. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re ready to hire a pro to evaluate your property, all you need to do is call your county Health Department (just Google the county name and then “Health Department” to find their phone number) and ask them what the requirements are to properly conduct a perc test. If you’re planning to live on this property and/or resell it as a “buildable lot” at any point in the future, then order the perc test. How Much Water Does a Sprinkler Use Per Hour? Some jurisdictions in areas with moist soil require deeper holes that must be dug with a backhoe. If your building site does not contain a patch of land suitable for use as a septic drain filed, it's possible to have a drainage system engineered. Without a successful perc test, there can be no septic permit. make your dream a reality! If you're planning to install a new septic system, local ordinances will require you to conduct a soil percolation test. 083: “If Only I Had Known!” – What Every Rookie Land Investor Ought to Know, 082: How to Rezone Properties for Huge Profits w/ Mike Marshall, 081: How to Negotiate Like a Pro w/ Kris Haskins. — R. M. After saturating the soil, fill bottom of hole and measure how much the water level drops in 30 minutes. Septic fields should generally not be located on steeply sloping land, especially if the land slopes toward a waterway or a neighboring property. Yet making sure your future property is septic ready is the only way to ensure you don’t find yourself knee deep in the wrong kind of soil. How much perc testing should cost. The width of the hole is not important. Most of the world’s septic systems are designed in a way that requires a septic drain field or “leach field” to drain away any excess water. After you've conducted your own perc test to determine the viability of the land for a septic system, you still need to contact a professional to conduct the test and sign off on the septic permit. He has degrees in science and humanities and years of teaching experience. Profit First Changed My Life. Most people don’t even give them a second thought until it’s time to put in the septic tank.Yet making sure your future property is septic ready is the only way to ensure you … Thank you for supporting. Some contractors recommend inserting perforated drainpipe into each hole to keep dirt from falling.