"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul." I’m The Surgeon. I pray for the surgeon. Even if you haven't had surgery in the past, you'll notice how everything isn't perfect immediately after the surgery. Even if nurses take care of hundreds of patients and see them being wheeled into the operating room, we can never be too tired to send out a wish and a prayer for a successful surgery. […] There is also an uplifting prayer for the healing of a loved one. Partaking in religion can make many people feel a sense of respite and collective guidance especially in moments when you feel directionless. The Bible tells us to pray for healing from God and we will be blessed with health and strength to overcome whatever pain we face. I hope this helps someone. I confess that my body has undergone surgery and has been mended in … Prayer Guide: What to Pray While Your Child is in Surgery One of our very best friends is at the hospital this morning to prepare for surgery to remove a brain tumor. He is a huge part of our lives, has been a faithful friend to Andrew and I for 11 years, and is an adopted uncle to our girls. prayers for surgery On this page you can pray several short petitions for those currently going into surgery. There is a prayer for a friend to have a successful operation, a short patient's prayer for the surgery to go well, and a beautiful prayer to help ease a troubled mind and bring God's peace. I pray that you send angels to stand by my bedside and safely guide my doctor's hands to mend this body you have given me. 3 John 1:2. I pray that You would guide his hands skillfully and accurately so that this is a success! Amen. Yet as we take time to pause and reflect, we shall unearth new treasures of Kingdom value. The Holy Spirit is our comforter, the one who wraps wings of protection around us when we are vulnerable. There are a lot of questions in my mind that come up about how she is doing. November 28, 2018 by Olivia Stone. And He is our healer, binding our Read More, This is a very different Easter time for many of us across the world. Having had surgery in the past may give you insights into the experiences a person goes through in order to recover. Here are 20 short but powerful prayers for nurses, doctors, and patients. They will hold a fresh message, anointing and Read More, download and keep this film in HD for $2.50, prayer for a friend to have a successful operation. Just like Jesus’s disciples after they had witnessed his death, we face uncertainty, fear and sorrow. It brings a chaos with it for both the patient and the family. Rav Acha said that someone who goes for bloodletting should say "May it be Your Will, Hashem my God, that this practice should be a healing, and I should be healed; for You are a trustworthy Healer and your healing is true," because people don't get healed by themselves (they need God to heal them). Lord, I pray for Your peace on me and my boy. As the surgeon performs the procedures on her, I cannot help but be worried. Dear Heavenly Father, Today I have a big surgery coming up. I know you can have surgery after 2 months. I love You! If you’re familiar with our prayer videos, you’ll recognise the ones used as an accompaniment to “The Lord’s Prayer”, Read More, It is so important to nurture the presence of God’s Spirit within us. * Pray specifically for the scrub nurses/ techs – They must count the sponges (4 x 4s) before and after surgery to make sure nothing is left in the patient. He is our teacher, illuminating truth so that we can see and understand his beautiful ways. Here's a video of a time-lapse healing after a surgery. I need You in all things, Lord! Prayer for Someone having Surgery. “Sanctuary” is an hour of beautifully calm instrumental music ideal as a backdrop for prayer, meditation, work or study. Because my son is having his surgery Monday. Good Luck Quotes for Someone Having Surgery. Having a community come together to pray for you or a loved one can also soothe any frayed nerves before surgery. Surgery, whether a minor or major one, can be scary and filled with anxiety. In your name I pray, Amen. * Pray specifically before surgery for the Lord to pick the people for the OR team who have the best skills and knowledge needed for the procedure. Surgeries can be one of the anxious events in someone’s life. I am hopeful, but I need Your presence with me. Dearest God, I am deeply concerned now about my loved one who is on the operating table. No one likes to go under the Doctor’s knives yet sometimes surgeries cannot be avoided due to many reasons. Do you need a prayer for surgery? Prayer for After Surgery Lord, your glory shines upon me like a warm light. Our new instrumental album, featuring many of the soundtracks used in our prayerscapes videos, is out now!