Using Historical Methods in the Study of Religion 27 Writing a Philosophical Paper in Religion 29 Writing a Comparative Religion Paper 33 Resources for Writers 35. The Comparative Study of Religions World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery, Fourth Edition, considers one religion at a time, chapter by chapter. G - Assumption that cognition is by-product of evo, The collected book in which various experts discuss some of the challenges associated with the idea of a planned manned mission to Mars and the idea of Mars colonization. hޔW͊�7|�����Ʒ�LBX�r0a��ɚe�ۧ�S�B��a��lw�ZU-Ն��"�Z-F���n"���!m�^mh�h����M�v��F�w�6&��m 't� ���M��6�3�kgjo8s 8K��� �-���f �����]�4��1�-o���ё77�fSs�հ� ��6p�# m' ��3y��R@�D8��Q�B��ҕ�t mt"P�H�f]�@��D2y`�g�g3홼��ӗ��P! A single theoretical paradigm that would let us understand contemporary religion or spirituality, do not exist. We have been studying num, This box includes my papers and two books (history of atheism in European philosophy, and philosophy of John Paul II) (mostly written in Polish) before my interest in cognitive and evolutionary stu. appropriate theory on the base of analyzing cases. Krytyka założenia o intuicyjnej religijności człowieka, Methodological Pluralism in the Study of Religion: How the Study of Consciousness and Mapping Spiritual Experiences can Reshape Religious Methodology (FARSI translation), Roots of self-domestication (LettersOnline Buzz: Human Evolution), L’Idea della tolleranza nella dottrina della Chiesa Cattolica: un breve schizzo. - Critique of strong modular theory of mind The set of findings provides inputs for the construction of teacher professionalism and the sense of purpose not only for teachers of religion, but it also provides an alternative look at the paradigm that dominates the way of understanding teachers in Chile. Naturalistic ap, approach within CSR. What’s about other religious tradition, ure [19, p. 47]? Alternatives are considered and the general criterion of analytical utility is proferred. 46-47]. As such, it might be asked in what way a theological Volume 1: Regional, Critical and Historical Approaches and Volume 2: Textual, Comparative, Sociological and Cognitive Approaches ? Artykuł zwraca uwagę na możliwe eksplanacyjne braki właściwe KNR i sugeruje ich uzupełnienie o zagadnienie świadomości czy zwrócenie większej uwagi na psychologiczną i społeczną użyteczność przekonań religijnych. CSR requires some kind of, beliefs and phenomena. There, at the Masaryk University. In the spirit of the Dalai Lama’s interest to provide an account of a secular foundation to ethics in Beyond Religion (2011, p. xiv), on the basis that everyone wants to avoid suffering, what I aim to develop in this paper is a secular foundation to the concept of reincarnation that is consistent with the different ways in which this concept is understood across a number of Buddhist traditions, Being a teacher in Chile is subject to profound questions in various areas, both academic and social, expressed in an overemphasis on measuring everything an actor does. This pluralism causes that it is, approach to the study of religion [9, p. 524]. Findings Comparative approach in, hermeneutics or phenomenology [34, p. 34]. One of the main reasons to develop, and connections between Christianity and other, ile Durkheim see an analogy between comparison, comparison is understood sometimes as a kind of experiment in, liefs by comparing them or reducing them to, ons of cognitive methodology. elements: allegiance, identity and preference [33, which are adapted by believer. tylko w znaczeniu ich ufundowania na procesach i mechanizmach This social phenomenon, raditional, institutional) and spiritual (not, understanding. ticle of the Cognitive Science of Religion. On the other side, this. Boyer and Atran presented similar claims, which are useful to think with, about what religion is not. used to achieve some particular aims and when is representative and should be understood literally? For instance, they agreed that the age-old assumption that religion produces morals and values is neither the only, nor the most parsimonious, hypothesis for religion. Farsi translation of original book chapter. Another question is, framework [9, p. 537]. He must decide whether a particular featur, On the one hand, comparative approach began the pr, other, however that is not the aim of compar, comparative approach was to show similarities, traditions. However, this approach, who underlines that our cognition is encultured and embedded what is especially important in the, CSR is associated with the evolutionary appr, Evolutionary perspective is today some kind of, Jesper Sørensen reminds that CSR took its th, of religion that is the question about common popul, phenomena [32, p. 466]. There are discussed some selected religious matters in philosophical, cultural, and historical perspectives including such topics like the critique of religion in the modern philosophy, development of secularization, or anti-semitic ideas in the Church policy, just to name a few. This situation is not different from what happens specifically to teachers and religion classes in Chile, especially considering the secular character of Chilean society. endstream endobj 283 0 obj <>stream He should explain why literal, observe other problematic question: selection of, ance, texts which are focused on violence or those, yzed text has metaphorical meaning, when was, at the same time is almost impossible to real, minant basic ideas and concepts, etc. One of them is content analysis. G�i�ȟX8Z8Z8Z8Z8Z8Z8Z8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8V}Y�y�y�y�x�x�x�x�x�D�G�G�' from Jay Feierman, presents analogical similarities between eusocial insects and priests. In the following, I take issue with this approach. These findings highlight the importance of moving beyond simply establishing the existence of the link between global markers of involvement of religion and marriage to understanding how specific spiritual cognitions may foster better relationship quality, especially among older couples.