Using the common name is just not enough information. Home Page > Essential Oil Profiles > Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil. Learn more £ 10.49 – £ 27.25. Benefits & How To Use. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Experience Hinoki Essential Oil. This essential oil is known to relieve stress, anxiety and provide comfort. Bigstock Photo. essential oil provides a myriad of benefits and uses. Hinoki is a relaxing and calming essential oil. It is always important to know the genus species of a plant when using and purchasing essential oils. What is the Genus Species? Hinoki is soothing to the skin, and when diffused, Hinoki’s fresh, woody, and balsamic aroma provides a relaxing environment. Because of this tree’s valuable qualities, it is numbered among the Five Sacred Trees of Kiso, which includes the most prized trees of the Kiso region. Hinoki Essential Oil. Benefits of Hinoki Essential Oil Wounds, cuts and skin injuries Hinoki essential oil is a great way to help your skin stitch itself up faster. Hinoki essential oil offers a woodsy aroma, with hints of spice and lemon. It is frequently used in personal care products for its skin benefits and in perfumes for its fresh, airy scent. SKU: 1566 Category: Essential Oils Tags: 1566, Chamaecyparis obtusa, Hinoki. PURE PLANT PRODUCT . Add to cart . Additionally, Hinoki essential oil provides a soothing massage. Hinoki Essential Oil May Reduce Anxiety. It can help balance the activity of the parasympathetic or unconscious nervous system. Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil is also referred to as Hong Kuai Essential Oil, Taiwan Cypress Essential Oil and Formosan Cypress Essential Oil.. Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil is steam distilled from the twigs and wood of Chamaecyparis formosensis, a revered coniferous tree that is indigenous to Taiwan. It helps promote a different healing processes in your skin that shorten the time required for a cut, wound or injury to heal itself. Essential Oil – Hinoki, Chidoriya, $22.50. Benefits of Hinoki Essential Oil 1. Chamecyparia obutusa. Sustainable Agriculture and Fair Price Grower. Therapeutically, this oil is often used to induce a grounding effect as well as to help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. The essential oil is distilled from the tree’s red-brown wood, and it retains the warm, slightly citrusy aroma. Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil. Not Tested on Animals. This all-natural essential oil can grant a room the serenity of the forest when it’s used in an aroma diffuser, but it also provides major relaxation benefits when just a few drops are added to a bath. Why is this information important? Purchase Hinoki Essential Oil Here! As with any essential oil, take care not to apply it directly to your skin without mixing with a carrier oil first. Chamaecyparis obtusa. Hinoki essential oil comes from the Hinoki cypress tree, Chamaecyparis obtusa, which is native to central Japan. In a 2015 study, thirteen female students participated. Bottle size: 1ml 3ml Clear: Hinoki Essential Oil quantity.