With your help and support, I am confident that Himalaya will continue to make history in the next seventy-five years. Eighty years later, Himalaya has spread its wings to several parts of the globe. He also wondered how to make an herbal tablet. Claim: Found of Himalaya Mohammed Menal donates 10% income to jihadists This led us to search for the name Mavia Ali, ex-MLA, Samajwadi Party. Manal passed away in 1986. ★★★★★ He started the Company in 1930 in Dehradun, North India. He wrote that Himalaya Drug Company should be avoided by all Hindus since its founder Mohammed Menal is a Muslim and Muslims donate 10% of their income to “terrorists”. He continued his efforts on his hand-operated tablet-compressing machine. The man is being accused of donating 10% of his income to “jihadists”. Fact-checking political speech: Facebook’s myopic policy and inconsistent standard, No, this is not a ‘rare’ video of young Narendra Modi doing Yoga, रूस ने मुस्लिमों को गैर-मुस्लिम से शादी करने पर पाबंदी लगायी? A 2016 article in The Economic Times identified him as Philipe Haydon, the CEO of the company. Moreover, Himalaya Drug Company called out the misinformation on Twitter. (संबित…, Farmers across the country have been protesting against the centre’s new agricultural laws for nearly…, A video alleging fresh lockdown has been imposed in five states has been recently making…, American actor-writer Sacha Baron Cohen had said in a scathing speech that had Facebook existed…, This week, a black and white video of a man doing yoga has been making…, Alternative News and Views in the Post-Truth World, All the content on the Alt News website, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the, Fake messages claiming Himalaya founder funds terrorists viral on social media, Police action during Hong Kong protest shared as crackdown on coronavirus patients in China, Public TV falsely claims Muslim youths in Karnataka refuse coronavirus testing for “religious reasons”, Fake ABP News graphic plate claims Sambit Patra’s daughter eloped with Muslim man, Congress leaders share images from 2018 farmers protest as recent. Indeed, brand Himalaya has substantially increased its visibility in several important markets globally. Further, an image of Himalaya Drug Company’s founder M Manal can be found on their website, which does not match the man in the video. Himalaya Drug, run by the Malans, is the biggest producer and exporter of ayurvedic drugs. A handle @Read_Bannaji made a more generalised statement. Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd. (HGH), is the parent of The Himalaya Drug Company worldwide. Despite our global ambitions, our commitment to our core values remains strong. T: +91-80 2371 4444 / +91-80 2216 9999 F: +91-80 2371 4468 W: www.himalayawellness.in . He spent his days riding his bicycle through the forests and learning about herbs from the local healers. And he tried it too, only to quickly realize that he had been tricked! The Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program allows owners of intellectual property (IP) rights and their authorized representatives to report eBay listings that may infringe on those rights. Europe . The Himalaya Drug Company Ltd. Elizabetes str. The Himalaya Drug Company Makali, Bengaluru - 562 162, India. In the post, it was mentioned that the person in the image was the founder M. Manal. Therefore, the claim that he gives away 10% of his income to “jihadists” does not hold water. BANGALORE: Manal family-controlled Himalaya Drug Company, India’s largest research-based herbal company, is unveiling sweeping changes in its corporate structure. | A young man with a very curious mind pondered the idea of presenting herbal medicine in a contemporary form. Himalaya’s Neem Face Wash pips Liv.52 as top money-spinner 18 Dec, 2014, 04.45 AM IST. It is our vision to make Himalaya a household name, a trusted head-to-heel brand providing scientifically researched herbal solutions for the entire family. An image of Philipe Haydon, CEO of Himalaya Drug Company is viral with false claims that he is the owner of the company and donates 10 per … ★★★★★ The Himalaya Drug Company Nothing less is acceptable. HGH is the owner of the trademarks and patents, which are licensed to and used by The Himalaya Drug Company in the manufacture of its products. A photograph of the CEO of Himalaya Drug Company has been used to falsely claim that he is the founder, Mohammed Manal, who donates a part of his income to fund terrorism. A reverse-image search of the man’s photograph reveals that he is not the founder of Himalaya Drug Company. Fact-check: Did PM Modi announce COVID-19 lockdown in a few states? 1★ We will continue to operate our business with the highest ethical standards set by my father. ★★★★★5.0 out of 5 VotesRated by 4 Buyers SIA The Himalaya Drug Company Elizabetes str. The claim that the person in the video is Mohammed Manal, owner of The Himalaya Drug Company is false. With offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Grand Cayman, Houston, Johannesburg, Riga and Singapore, we are on a roll. Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.