Your chickpea burgers are incidentally one of the excellent choline food sources; that is one of the B vitamins that the typical Western diet is more than 50% deficient in. Since vegans get even more grief about protein than I do, I decided to really drive home the plant-based protein point by making the patty completely vegan. Italian Chickpea Burgers [Vegan] Advertisement. Ingredients. Follow meal prep instructions to make this healthy salad ahead. ), for a vegan, high-protein meal. 3 Transfer to a bowl and add panko crumbs and flax eggs. 11 Recipes Filter. 2 Place chickpeas, most of the coriander, cumin, chilli, garlic, cayenne pepper into a blender. Using hands, mix together thoroughly and divide into 4 equal portions. . Did you know you can throw canned chickpeas, canned tuna and some vegetables in a bowl and call that a salad? Simply leave off the sauce (and top with avocado instead-yum! High Protein. Healthy and delicious! 4. It’s a high-protein meal, that is tasty, filling and super satisfying! Serves. This Vegan Chickpea Green Garden Burger, the super delicious Vegan Beetroot Burger and the Sweet Potato Red Kidney Bean Burger from my cookbook Tasty Express. 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed; 3 … There are three vegan burger recipes I have created and cook regularly. Choline food sources. Beans (11) Vegetable (2) Vegetarian Protein (4) Meals. Make these tasty and nutritious pattie recipes to eat in rolls, sandwiches, burgers or as part of a Lebanese feast. Chickpea Patties. For gluten-free folks, put the patty between a gluten-free bun and you’re golden. In pregnancy that means a much higher incidence of birth defects; choline is also very important in brain development, partly because of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. And it’s a really good one. Shape into patties and place on a lined baking tray. Vegan. Dinner (9) Budget (1) Lunch (2) Main (8) Sandwich (1) Snacks (1) Vegetarian (11) Total Time. Pulse on high for 30 seconds for a rough textured mixture. 1. Vegan Chickpea Burger – a high protein meal-prep favourite. Ingredients. You’ll forget you’re even getting extra protein – all you’ll be able to focus on is how delicious these 15 high-protein chickpea recipes from our Food Monster App are! Dairy Free. Advertisement. Make this quick and easy chickpea tuna salad for lunch or dinner right now!