Add salt and pepper to taste. ... Or maybe you’re just cravings something a bit lighter and healthier, this can be your new go-to. Toss in ½ cups (100 G) of tomatoes and mushroom. Easy Savory Crepes Recipe – 25 Savory Crepe Fillings For Your Brunch Menu. Many times, I double this recipe to make more crepes depending on what I am cooking. 8. These delicate, French pancakes can be filled with so many fun treats and savory highlights. Crepes from the doubled recipe are just as good as from a single recipe. Add olive oil to a heated pan. Add olive oil (if required) and stir. When people think of crepes the first thought must be of something sweet served as a dessert in a fancy restaurant. Savory crepes are here to make a delicious solutions for both of that! As written, and with no crepes casualties, this recipe makes 10-12 crepes depending on size of the pan. Grace Lynne Fleming .