1984. Since 1999 Peninsula Sportsman Guide and Outfitting has been offering premier waterfowl hunts, service and lodging for the most discerning hunters around the country. Party size: Hunt groups are limited to groups of three (3) hunters or less. Your personality along with accommodations and equipment that you provided along with your desire to please the customer was world class in my opinion. I can't wait for the sporting clays course designers to come up with one to simulate this! Hunting with Columbia Coast Outfitters is nothing short of a living a dream. Fast, custom, modern and build to handle the worst seas. Barrow’s goldeneye and Harlequin along with many other sea ducks can be found along the coast where he has extensive knowledge and works hard for the best, safest opportunity to find success. Peninsula Sportsman specializes in custom trophy sea duck hunting for a variety of unique species including Harlequin duck, Oldsquaw / Long-tailed duck and Barrow’s Goldeneye. Hunters enjoy the convenience of lodging near the hunting areas in our comfortable cedar vacation cabins and homestyle Pacific Northwest cooking featuring fresh local seafood and game. The Harlequin duck is abundant during the breeding season in a few regions within its range, but only in remote areas inaccessible to most people in the Aleutian Islands. Due to the unique geography of the Olympic Peninsula we are able to hunt large areas of prime waterfowl habitat within a short driving distance of our headquarters. The Harlequin Duck, Histrionicus histrionicus, drake has glossy slate-blue plumage enlivened by white streaks and patches rimmed with black, giving it a striking appearance.It has a white crescent on its face, a white spot behind the eyes and a white oval behind that. The trip was far better than I could have imagined or hoped for. You want calling? Due to our temperate climate and a bounty of food sources, numbers of waterfowl arrive from their breeding grounds in Alaska and Northern Canada into our hunting areas. The state bag limits are 4 harlequin per non resident hunter per year so this is not a green head hunt its a collector hunt. "Most incredible bird hunting I have ever done. No Hassle Hunting Package – goose & duck hunts Package includes guide, license, waterfowl stamps, bird processing and lodging in a fine Tri-Cities hotel. The boat was super tech. Captain Dave Drewry has decades of experience setting his own handmade decoys and traditional decoy rigs on all hunts. Harlequin Duck. Hunting the openwater for seaducks and divers was a new experience for me. Daily Bag and Possession Limits: Same as ducks. During winter they can be spotted in rocky intertidal areas along the coast. It can be hunted in Yukon Valley. Unbelievable experience. We Personalize Adventures for Every Client & Family. American Plan: 3 day / 3 night Fully Guided Duck Hunt, Meals, Lodging, cleaning/processing your ducks $1500 /per hunter. This Yamaha powered, Deep-V hulled, custom welded aluminum boat is well adapted for our regional style of hunting. One hunt per day. Ducks (other than Harlequin Ducks) and Geese. Our services operate within the largest and most productive sea duck hunting areas in Western Washington. Bald eagles patrol this spot regularly and both adults and immature eagles take pot shots at the waterfowl. Not to forget the Crabs, Clams, and my first Oyster! Your knowledge of birds as they're flying and picking out good drakes was as impressive as it gets. Salt Marsh hunts target  Northern Pintail / sprig, American Wigeon ( occasional Eurasian ),  Mallard, Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, Northern Shoveler, Bufflehead, Lesser Scaup/ Bluebill ( occasional canvasback), Ringneck duck, American Goldeneye, Common and Hooded Mergansers. Harlequin Duck, Mountain Duck, Sea Mouse, Harlequin, Lord-and-lady, Painted Duck, Rock Duck, Sea Pigeon, Squealer Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has specialized in the little trophy Blue ducks,  or as the locals call the Harlequin “rock ducks” due to there inherent location and loving to swim in the waves and current along the rough coastal ledges and Rocks. Harlequin ducks belong to the group of waterfowl known as diving ducks or divers. The Harlequin Duckis a class 1 bird. We realize what an Alaskan Sea Duck hunt means to a lot of hunters, and work hard to ensure you a quality hunt. Waterfowl hunters aged 12–14 do not need stamps (or a license). Try to cross shoot a bufflehead going 50 mph at 25 yards from a boat in 3-4 foot ocean swells and 20 knot winds! looking to book a world class harlequin hunting adventure? Seasons. Population The Harlequin duck is abundant during the breeding season in a few regions within its range, but only in remote areas inaccessible to most people in the Aleutian Islands. Leave the calls on shore. The main question is what do you want to hunt along with them thats what decides your final location. I can't imagine passing up around 1000 birds in three days to find the fine specimens we collected. We tailor our hunts around your wishes and the birds you are after. The season on harlequin duck is closed. Geese. The options of these multiple boats, blinds and locations allow us the ultimate flexibility for planning and increased success on our hunts. Waterfowl hunting on the coastal and inland waters of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula ranks among the best in the Pacific Flyway. Inflatable rafts will be used to shuttle you and the equipment to and from your hunting location. U.S.C.G. The harlequin duck (Histrionicus histrionicus) is a small sea duck.It takes its name from Harlequin (French Arlequin, Italian Arlecchino), a colourfully dressed character in Commedia dell'arte.The species name comes from the Latin word "histrio", meaning "actor". Our services operate within the largest and most productive sea duck hunting areas in Western Washington. Our surrounding hunting area is the wintering grounds for many of these waterfowl species. Adult male Harlequin ducks are slate blue with chestnut sides and white markings including a white crescent at the base of the bill. Common and Red-breasted Mergansers, Long-tailed Ducks, Eiders, and Scoters. These hunts are action packed as these striking sea ducks, divers and puddlers will decoy readily to our custom rigs and provide close, yet challenging shots. You made me feel like family while I was there and I thank you for that.